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  • As Executives Leave in Droves, Musk Threatens to Bankrupt Twitter

    Technoking Elon Musk has changed things dramatically since he took over Twitter. His shift in priorities and how he looks at the Twitter universe is not the same as his predecessors, and it is making the left sick as they leave the company in droves. Some by choice, and some he fired for their poor […] More

  • Biden Apologizes After Being Silenced in Front of the Entire UN Climate Conference

    When President Biden took office, every American realized they had elected a weak and easily manipulated person to the highest position in the American government. People saw President Biden for what he is, and while anyone with common sense realized that America was screwed, those on the left fell in love. His easily manipulated demeanor, […] More

  • MSM Cries Racism After NFL Head Coach is Fired and Replaced

    If you call yourself a real sports fan, or more particularly, an American football fan, you have likely heard that the NFL team, the Indianapolis Colts, has fired their head coach mid-season. You’ve likely also heard that an interim head coach has quickly been named since the season isn’t over, and a head coach is […] More

  • Shocker: DeSantis’ Election Crime Unit Makes Another Major Arrest

    As you know, election crimes such as fraud have been a major talking point during the last couple of years, especially after the 2020 presidential election, during which many voter fraud cases have been alleged. But according to most of the political left, 2020 was the ‘safest and most secure’ election our nation has ever […] More

  • Trump Takes a Shot at DeSantis with a New Nickname 

    Trump shocked some people this past weekend by taking a shot at Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. The former president previously endorsed DeSantis when he ran for the governor’s position in 2018. But in a Saturday rally in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, Trump gave DeSantis one of his well-known nicknames.  This rally was focused on pumping up […] More

  • And Mayor Pete Wonders Why He Polls So Poorly with Black Voters!

    The poll numbers among black voters regarding Presidential Candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg are historically low and almost unbelievable. How can anyone poll that poorly among any group of voters? It doesn’t take long, however, to see behind the mystery and maybe, more importantly, the character of the man. It isn’t that he hasn’t spent the money because […] More

  • Economy Is So Bad People Are Pawning Used Caskets

    People are almost always willing to part with a treasured item to save some money or keep the bills paid. From Holocaust rings to guitars to good silverware, the American people have been able to take their treasured items to the local pawn shop and get some money to keep the day going. Sometimes it’s […] More

  • Pfizer Moves to Censor Elon Musk-Owned Twitter to Protect Vax Narrative

    The months-long saga of Elon Musk’s hostile Twitter takeover has mostly concluded. Musk is the new boss, and he fired all the top executives and about half of the SJW staff will be getting pink slips. The left is in a full state of panic about the fact that Must has promised to make Twitter […] More

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