No Surprise Here! Waves of Blue Collar Workers Join Republican Party After Biden’s Devastating Slew of Executive Orders

Democrats’ continuous embrace of the far left has been put on display for all to see. This plan may have gotten them some short term gains but the long term effects are tough to swallow. For starters, all of the blue collar workers are starting to flock to the Republican party instead. It’s easy to see why.

The Democrats have made it clear that they are not going to care about their concerns any more. It’s all about pandering to the hyper woke left and the funniest part of all is that they don’t even do a great job of that. Anyway, we say all of that to say this. Biden is destroying the American economy even further and all it took was the stroke of a pen.

“The exit of Donald Trump has brought back a more normal rhythm to politics in Washington, but outside the Beltway, deeper forces are reshaping the partisan landscape.

Data from the NBC News poll shows that the composition of the two major parties is changing, and one massive shift is coming in employment: the kinds of jobs Democrats and Republicans hold. There are signs across racial and ethnic demographic groups that Republicans are becoming the party of blue-collar Americans and the change is happening quickly,” the report begins.

These are the shifts that we were just referring to. The Democrats have enjoyed an (undeserved) reputation as being the party of the people but all of that is slipping away from them now. The proof is in the numbers. NBC News has more about this ongoing shift and how it could alter this nation’s political future.

“If the movement continues it could have a large impact on the future of the GOP. Consider the scale of the change overall.

In the last decade, the percentage of blue-collar voters who call themselves Republicans has grown by 12 points. At the same time, the number in that group identifying as Democrats has declined by 8 points. Among white-collar voters, the numbers have remained stable, with Democrats seeing a tiny increase and Republicans seeing a tiny drop…

With those voters, the numbers mirror that large-scale shift — a 12-point gain for the GOP,” NBC News concludes. As you can see, this is not a small shift. Something major is happening here. This shift is not limited to white blue collar workers, either. Minorities are also making the jump over to the Republican Party, where blue collar concerns are actually being addressed.

“Blue-collar voters made a major shift from the Democratic Party to the GOP under former President Donald Trump, including those from Hispanic and black demographics.

The percentage of blue-collar voters who associate themselves with the Republican Party has grown 12 points over the last decade, an NBC News poll found. During that same time frame, the number of blue-collar voters calling themselves Democrats declined by 8 points. The shift holds true across demographic lines, with more Hispanic and black blue-collar people identifying with the GOP.” the Washington Examiner adds.

Again, these are very difficult numbers to push back against. The Democrats’ far left reach out plan is not paying real dividends. The elections of 2022 and 2024 are sure to provide a closer look at the damage that has been done. Biden is already irritating a lot of people who voted for him and they are going to be looking to flip their votes once the midterm elections roll around, bank on that.

We cannot wait to see how sad the Democrats get once they start to lose the little power that they were able to gain during their election theft. They should have taken a big picture point of view about this. Sure, you can steal an election today but it’s going to be hard to repeat the feat once the midterms roll around. Biden better come up with a plan quickly because their current voter base is eroding by the second.

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