Biden Swims With Sharks and Gets Slaughtered by Democrats on Immigration

Joe Biden is slowly turning into a lone ranger as he keeps pushing executive orders and regulations that have no legislative support. He loves his executive pen so much that he just cannot stop dictating directives. It is the one source of power that he has to rule with, so he does not have to leave the office very much.

With his pen, he has rolled back all of the safety barriers that were put in place by Donald Trump to keep Americans safe at the border. He has single-handedly alienated himself from the states that are adversely affected by his paranoia of doing the right thing. These states have moved to protect themselves from the massive number of people trying to cross the border illegally.

Biden is racing ahead of the pack making immigration laws and reforms while leaving his DHS secretary in the dust. No one has a clue as to what Biden will do next. But they are getting what they asked for when they put him up as their choice for president.

Biden wants the illegals in Mexico to rise up and surge to the north. He thinks that he will gain their favor by allowing them to come into the country without going through the usual processing channels. This thrust of Biden is alarming even to the most devoted Democratic supporter that would have his back.

Henry Cuellar is a Democrat from Texas that supports Biden but is having a hard time getting behind the immigration policies Biden wants to implement. He noted that Biden is not even encouraging COVID-19 checks. He just wants to let them walk right in and take a seat anywhere they want to set up their homes.

Cuellar stated that “You just can’t say, ‘Yeah, yeah, let everybody in’ — because then we’re affected down there at the border.” But if you are Joe Biden, you can do anything you want because of the privileged status he gets for being an insane member of the liberal house of royalty that believes they are above the law and regular process of doing things.

Biden has ruled that no one will be expelled from the country, and kids will not be rejected. He did away with a health order put in place by Donald Trump that sent kids back across the border if they posed a health risk to Americans. That selfish move alone encouraged illegals to pack up and move northward again.

Democrats are also worried that Biden’s reckless actions are going to spike COVID-19 again. They are no control in place to monitor and protect from an influx of sick patients. Biden is quick to require people to mask up and lock themselves down if they are sick but refuses to mandate that same order to illegals.

Cuellar is one liberal that took notice of his job as a politician and for once acted on behalf of the people that voted for him. The Texan people are on the verge of defying presidential orders because they make no sense. Texans will lose the most in the end because they patrol the largest part of the southern border.

Even liberal Mayor Bruno Lozano stated that the recent release of illegals into his city had overloaded the communities. He tells Biden to stop and take a look at what his actions are doing to the greatest country on earth.

Joe Biden wakes up each morning forgetting what he did the day before. He cannot see the collective effects of the disastrous decisions that he is making. He thinks that the actions he takes one day are new and have not been done before. But he has Democrats screaming at him and border agents telling him to knock it off, but he just will not listen.

The surge of illegals will only grow until such a day as another Republican takes office and puts a stop to the invasion once and for all. The Democrats in the legislature are not serious about doing their job, or they would have already drummed up a plan for immigration reform. But it is all a game to them, so there is no reason for them to care at all.

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