Toddler Gets Booted From Plane While Steward Gets Booted for Doing the Booting

Mask mandates have driven a wedge of hatred between people of all ages. There is no person who can walk in a liberal-run state without being verbally attacked or physically assaulted for not wearing a mask. And when the police finally do show up, the mask-violator is taken to jail as if they had just murdered someone. The Democrats have done their job in policing freedoms by having their slaves do the policing for them.

The most publicized arena in the news today centers around the airline industry. More stories of people are being arrested for not wearing a mask than in any other sector of society. People are taunted and even physically assaulted for not putting on the mask. And they are the ones that are escorted off the plane in handcuffs for failure to comply. That is, of course, John Kerry is the violator.

The problem is not the person that is not wearing the mask. The problems are with the airlines’ inconsistency to enforce their own rules on everyone and that the liberals are a bunch of scaredy cats. They believe that breathing air is somehow going to kill them.

But every once in a while, there is justice being served towards the accusers on behalf of the accused. The liberals have deputized airline attendants to act as enforcers, which ends up making a big mess of things. But this time around, the steward found out that a bit of kid has more power in one finger than the steward would have in his whole body.

The airlines love to jump in with both feet into liberal-supported politics. They are quick to support the Democrats with the rant against the Georgia election laws requiring an ID check before voting can occur. Something the airlines do themselves before people can fly.

Spirit Airline steward told the family that they had to leave because their daughter was in violation of their mask policy. The man targeted this family because of an apparent mask violation. There was no commonsense that told him to remind the family to wear a mask. He just wanted them off the plane.

The woman was seven months pregnant, had a special needs child, and had a two-year-old that was being accused of being a felon. All the steward needed to do was remind them to put the child’s mask on, but that was not even an option. He went right up to the couple and demanded that they get off the plane.

In these types of cases, the police are usually involved, which they were called. But before they got to the plane, the other passengers came to the family’s defense and stated that the toddler was wearing a mask but took it off to eat something, which is permitted on all airlines. It was at that moment that the steward threatened to call the police.

By this time, the entire plane was standing up for the family, and as a result, all the passengers had to get off the plane. So now here is a plane with no people, and it should be ready to depart. The steward was so far out of line that the airline suffers a delay and an embarrassing spotlight in the media because of one person’s actions.

The police did come out to the plane, but not for the family. The steward had been the aggressor, and the man was taken off of the plane in place of the family. And as a result, the entire plane was reboarded without the malicious man.

The airline finally used the excuse that another crew was being assigned to the flight. It was their way of telling everyone that the steward probably was fired for being the stink head everyone thought he was. But his action just shows how controlling the liberals have become with their belief that they have the right somehow to force people to do what they want them to do.

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