CNN: Calling out Cuomo for Intentionally Murdering Over 15,000 Nursing Home Residents Is Just Politics

Don Lemon’s recent appearance on a New York Times podcast was full of all sorts of interesting revelations. Of course, we understand that everyone’s definition of interesting may vary….but trust us on this one! Kara Swisher is the host of this podcast and she had a very important question for him.

Swisher wanted to know if it was awkward for Lemon to watch his fellow CNN host Chris Cuomo flat out refuse to cover his brother’s sexual assault allegations. This is a very fair question, to be perfectly clear. If the network is willing to have Andrew on so that he can brag about how well he’s handling the pandemic, they can certainly have him on to discuss his wrongdoing.

“All right, so speaking of objective coverage, I want to get back to that the bromance with Chris Cuomo. He’s gotten a lot of heat lately, how he recused himself on covering the brother’s scandals. I don’t think he could do anything else, actually. But he was on the show a lot — the Governor was on the show a lot, when he was in the limelight around COVID. CNN has backed Chris on this. How do you look at this? And any predictions what happens to Andrew Cuomo now?” Swisher asked.

Lemon’s response is a telling one because it absolves CNN and the mainstream media as a whole of all their responsibility. No one actually has to call him out, you see. It is so, so hard to watch your brother be the victim of a media witch hunt! The response is insane and we are not sure why Lemon wouldn’t have waited to have this conversation in private.

“So the first part, how do I look at this? I look at it is… It would be tough for anybody, especially if it’s your brother. If it’s a loved one, to — to see them going through something like this, regardless of what it is. Chris has told me how he felt about it. That it’s tough for him,” he began.

“That he’s sure his brother is — how do I say this. That he may not have done everything right but he doesn’t necessarily deserve what he’s going through. And a lot of it is, if not most of it, is politically driven, motivated. But Chris is the governor’s brother, he’s not the governor. So I care about Chris on a personal level,” Lemon continued.

At least he is willing to admit it! Lemon and CNN are treating Cuomo with kid gloves because they feel bad for him and his brother. Lemon tries to temper this statement by telling Swisher that he is not actually friends with Andrew. This is too little, too late. He’s already told us everything that we need to know. Here’s his weak denial anyway:

“I don’t really know Andrew. I think I’ve met Andrew twice, maybe. So how do I look at it? I have to cover it. It was not uncomfortable to cover it, because I know deep-down Chris has been a journalist for almost as long as I have. And he realizes that we have to do it. I wonder how he feels about it with us having to cover it but it doesn’t make me uncomfortable. Does that make sense?”

It doesn’t make sense to us but on the other hand, it does. Lemon goes on to let the audience that he thinks Cuomo will survive these scandals and get re-elected because of course that’s what he thinks. One last parting shot was taken at Trump, as he compared him to the embattled New York governor.

“If you listen to people, people say — It’s just like the Trump people. They’ll say one thing in the green room, and then once you get them on T.V. they say a completely different thing. It’s the same thing, you’re right, with Andrew Cuomo,” said Lemon. The double standard that exists at this network was placed on full display by one of their “shining” stars. Lemon should be ashamed.

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