Conservative Media Icon Accused of Intentional Lies – Proof Seems Unassailable

The New York Post woke up to egg on their face this week after one of their reporters outed the publication, saying they forced her to write a story that was untrue.

“Vice President Kamala Harris hasn’t been to the border to address a crisis she was tasked to help fix — but a children’s book she wrote was waiting there in a facility for young migrants who are being welcomed into the country,” former NYP journalist Laura Italiano wrote in her piece just days ago.

“Unaccompanied migrant kids are being brought from the U.S.-Mexico border to a new shelter in Long Beach, Calif., where a copy of her 2019 children’s book, ‘Superheroes are Everywhere,’ was sitting on a cot, a Reuters photo showed,” the writer went on.

However, things began to heat up after Italiano announced that the story she wrote wasn’t true, and her bosses at the Post forced her to write the story. The first indication that the story might not be true can be seen at the end of the article where an editor’s note was added that said:

“The original version of this article said migrant kids were getting Harris’ book in a welcome kit but has been updated to note that only one known copy of the book was given to a child.”

A little more clarification can be seen on BizPac Review’s editor’s note that tells more about the details of the supposedly false report:

“EDITOR’S NOTE: UPDATE –  It was learned after this article was published that a New York Post reporter had falsely claimed that the book by Vice President Kamala Harris was being handed out to children at a California migrant shelter. Laura Italiano resigned from the newspaper, claiming she was ‘ordered’ to write ‘an incorrect story’ as it was found that only a single copy of the book had been donated. BizPac Review is adding the correction to the initial story and reactions.”

The more that came out about Italanio’s story and the work that went into creating it, the more sketchy it seemed. A quick look at the NYP journalist’s Twitter account shows that she is confirming what BizPac Review reported, which was that her former employer pushed her to do things that would not only misinform, but completely nullify the job journalists are supposed to undertake.

“An announcement: Today I handed in my resignation to my editors at the New York Post,” Italiano said.

“The Kamala Harris story — an incorrect story I was ordered to write and which I failed to push back hard enough against — was my breaking point.

“It’s been a privilege to cover the City of New York for its liveliest, wittiest tabloid — a paper filled with reporters and editors I admire deeply and hold as friends. I’m sad to leave.”

According to Newsweek’s coverage of the scandal, “The online version was briefly deleted, but was later reinstated with an editor’s note.”

The article was originally published on the front page of the Post’s print edition on April 23, according to Newsweek. It had the headline “Kam On In,” and it was also featured on the newspaper’s website. The entire article was reportedly based on one photo taken, presumably, by a photojournalist who was reporting on the migrant crisis at the southern border.

Conservatives in the media often feel that coverage is unfair. Be it because of the sheer number of dollars being funneled into leftist outlets, or maybe it’s just the propensity of any person locked in conflict to feel the other side has an advantage but what was the reason, in this case, we might not ever know. Maybe the New York Post would decide to tank their hard-earned reputation over a great selling headline, or maybe this coercion story is just a bunch of made-up bad blood.

But the one thing that is fur sure, is that if a liberal lies and says it’s in the name of truth, that’s all considered fair play and they’ve virtually nothing to lose. However, if a conservative does the same, they lose the moral high ground, and there’s nothing to set them apart from every other journalist looking for an angle.

As a wise man once said, “Don’t wrestle with a hog. You both get muddy and the hog likes it.”

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