A Major Scandal Brewing in the Biden Administration

There have been a lot of “scandals” over the past several years. Many of the scandals were fake creations of the media.

Russian “bounties” on American troops in Afghanistan? FAKE!

Foreign collusion with the Trump campaign in the 2016 election? FAKE!

Trump built cages for kids on the U.S. – Mexico border? FAKE!

With the passage of time, we all now know that Obama was the original cage master, the Mueller Report was a partisan witch hunt coordinated by the Deep State and the Democrats, and that the “Russian” bounties story cooked up by the CIA – Mainstream Media nexus was an October Surprise hit job designed to cripple the Trump 2020 re-election campaign in the final stretch in the run-up to Election Day on November 3rd.

Some of us didn’t even need the benefit of elapsed time to sniff out these fraudulent stories when they first appear on our screens and in our newspapers.

With all of the fake scandals swirling about the corrupt Washington D.C. media, we are American citizens have perhaps become inured and numb to the real and actual scandals that the Biden Administration is now giving birth to — and, boy, are those some ugly scandal babies.

The border crisis, Iranian nuclear developments, the raid on U.S. taxpayers, and the Treasury by the radical left Democrats to pay for their insane and depraved socialist transformation of America — these are real scandals.

But now that a Democrat (read: Socialist) is in the White House and in slim control of Congress, the media sees no evil, hears no evil and refuses to report on any of the evils emanating from Biden’s radical left agenda.

The historical hypocrisy and double standard is so well documented and predictable, that it is not even worth the time it takes to complain about it. As conservatives or republicans, we know that the media will be unfair, biased, and blatantly partisan leftists.

The scum in the media will only respond to power and force. One literally has to “force” the truth down their throats, much like a sick dog that refuses to take its medicine.

Ivanka Trump says something nice about Goya Foods? The fake news industry goes into overdrive and loses its collective mind, hurling accusations that the First Lady violated ethics rules.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama was literally persecuting journalists, attacking press freedoms, and killing Americans with extra-judicial drone strikes, and the American media (who are very anti-American) bowed like lapdogs.

In recent days, we have heard about human laughingstock John Kerry’s history of investments, which directly contradict his professed climate consciousness. While Kerry cried about climate change and global warming on his private jet around the world, he was investing in and profiting off oil companies.

The jaw-dropping hypocrisy and corruption in the Biden Administration doesn’t end there.

New revelations detail how Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Granholm, has millions of dollars in stock in Proterra, an electric vehicle company, that the Biden Administration is actively promoting.

When a delegation from Qatar stayed in the Trump International Hotel while in Washington D.C. on official business, the media howled like wounded animals of monumental ethics violations and flung charges of corruption like some of the less well-manned zoo animals throw their fecal matter. Useful idiot republicans like Richard Painter, formerly the chief White House ethics lawyer in George W. Bush administration, would pop up on MSNBC and add their shrill and sanctimonious hectoring to the chorus. Painter is the same guy who oversaw the “ethicality” of torture programs. What a slimeball!

But here we have a serious conflict of interest in Energy Secretary Granholm’s case. As Energy Secretary, she can make regulations that can directly enrich herself. Even worse, prior to her confirmation, Granholm had pledged to sell her stock and leave the board of the company in question. Did she do that? NO!

The Biden Administration is a thieves den of corruption, but you wouldn’t know that by the propaganda media coverage from fake news outlets like CNN and MSDNC.

Is Biden getting a cut of the action? It wouldn’t be the first time. Last month, Biden took a virtual tour of Proterra, and he praised employees and the CEO for their work.

“Chairman, let me say something quickly to you. The fact is you’re making me look good,” Biden told the company’s head executive, before pledging to come back in person at a later date. “I used to have a friend that said it’s always great to do well and do good — you’re doing both pal. You really are.”

The Swamp is back. The only way voters can hold these corrupt opportunists accountable is by voting out of office every single Democrat come November 2022 and in every single election in between.

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