Madonna’s Definition of ‘Freedom’ Will Leave You with Nightmares

Every now and then, a celebrity steps out in an attempt to be the voice of a generation. Some try to be the voice of an entire nation.

Madonna has always been a liberal thinker. She’s pushed the boundaries of society and gotten people to gasp at her wild behavior. Now, at 62, she’s trying to do the same as what she did in her 20s. It doesn’t have quite the same effect – and it may even leave some with nightmares.

In order to celebrate Pride, Madonna has chosen to scare America with her ultra-liberal approach. A pride-themed short film was created with a montage from Madonna. And rather than ease people into it, liberal New York City decided that it was best to let it play on a loop on a billboard in Times Square.

The montage was created with the help of Sasha Kasiuha and Ricardo Gomes, photographers who have titled the peace No Fear, Courage, Resist.

If you have the courage to resist the piece, you’ll be better off.

The days of watching Madonna seethe and writhe have long passed. In the photomontage, she’s wearing colored wigs, club-themed outfits, and does a lot of gesturing toward her crotch. She bares her nipples and makes a few vague statements about freedom and political activism.

We live in a country where people who say they’re a Trump supporter are ridiculed. We live in a society where people judge us if we say anything that borders on being too conservative.

Yet, it’s okay to place a 62-year-old woman on a billboard above Times Square where her nipples are exposed because she’s demanding “equal rights” for the LGBTQ community.

Madonna says that the LGBTQ community isn’t demanding special rights.

Oh, but that’s exactly what’s happening.

Only the LGBTQ community can get away with what Madonna and the artistic photographers have created with this montage. It’s the stuff of nightmares. After all, who wants to see Madonna, in her 60s, bearing the logo of Hustler or suggestively sucking on a lollipop?

If the Catholic Church were to create a photo montage of people holding rosary beads and making the sign of the cross, it would never make it onto a billboard of Times Square. People would be outraged by it because it would be viewed as shoving religion into everyone’s faces.

However, because this is about the LGBTQ community, it is celebrated as art. It’s not being viewed as showing their sexuality into everyone’s faces. It’s viewed as an expression of freedom. Love who you want to love. Be brave. Be bold. Be you.

Madonna showed up at a pride party in Manhattan, too. She helped to raise over $100,000 for some of the pro-LGBTQ+ organizations around the country. She sang a few songs, grinded against miscellaneous objects around the club, and talked about how she was so excited to celebrate with people instead of being in a coronavirus lockdown.

Everything about this is the stuff of nightmares.

Forget about the fact that Madonna is too old to be flashing nipples and grinding on stationary objects.

Let’s look at what the word “freedom” means in today’s society. It isn’t about equal rights. It’s all about giving the LGBTQ+ community the freedom to be as bold as they want while everyone else must accept it. And for any other community that wants to express themselves, it’s unacceptable. It seems the only ones who are free to be bold and in-your-face are the ones who have been given an entire month to celebrate pride.

We’re in a dangerous situation. If we fight against the LGBTQ movement, we’re insensitive and homophobic. And if we fight to maintain our Christian values, we’re stomping on the dreams of the LGBTQ+ community. It’s a lose-lose situation – and we must figure out a way to co-exist because equal rights is a joke at this point.

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