Don’t Worry, GOP Donors are Taking Care of Border Troops Since Biden Won’t

The border crisis is spinning out of control. The Biden administration has ignored the problem – and it’s likely that they will continue to do so.

Meanwhile, the border troops are overwhelmed by the sheer number of migrants entering the country. The migrants are entering at the various checkpoints as well as anywhere else they can get in.

Thousands enter every day, and they aren’t getting processed quickly enough. The only thing that the federal government is spending money on is the camps to keep them as cozy as possible.

Since Biden won’t spend federal money to boost the security at the border, GOP donors are stepping in.

Texas National Guard has already been deployed to the border with Mexico.  They’re working to keep everything as secure as possible. Greg Abbott has already declared a state of emergency in Texas because of the migration issue. It’s the only way to force the federal government’s hand to get at least some kind of assistance.

The Texas National Guard can’t do it all on their own, though.

It seems that Kamala Harris telling people “Go home” isn’t working. If she actually wants to do something to help, she has to do better than some half-assed lip service.

South Dakota’s governor Kristi Noem has decided to step up in an epic way. She’ll use a donation received from a Republican donor to deploy up to 50 South Dakota National Guard troops down to the border.

Many Republican governors have started to make similar promises. The governors know that Texas is dealing with an epic battle of border security. Governors in Florida, Arkansas, Nebraska, and other states have committed to sending either National Guard or law enforcement officers to help provide more adequate border security.

Why is it that the states are manning up? The federal government won’t.

It seems that it’s going to be the GOP versus President Biden. The Biden administration hasn’t bothered to lift a finger toward border security. Instead, they’re too busy filing lawsuits against Abbott because he’s daring to protect its citizens from mass migration problems such as a declining economy and a surge in crime.

Willis and Reba Johnson’s Foundation is the one responsible for the donation to South Dakota. The Tennessee-based billionaires have made a number of large donations to Republicans over the years, including $200,00 toward the Trump Victory Committee in 2020.

While South Dakota’s governor chose to send National Guard, other states are choosing to send state police officers. She explains her decision by saying, “The border is a national security crisis that requires the kind of sustained response only the National Guard can provide.” She’s not looking to take police away that could lead to communities being less safe. She goes on to say that the border is a “long-term problem President Biden’s administration seems unable or unwilling to solve.”

Noem, who is also considered a Republican presidential contender, hits the nail on the head. Is it that the Biden administration is unable or unwilling to solve the problem? Either way, it’s up to the GOP to fix it – and even former President Trump has visited the border.

Democrats in the state, including state senator Reynold Nesiba, are horrified that Noem is spending the money on deploying troops. He believes she’s striving for “political cover” and wants to find out if it’s legal for her to use a private donation to deploy the National Guard.

‘Legal’ seems to be a word that ebbs and flows in the Biden administration. It’s not legal for thousands of migrants to push their way into the United States with no regard to immigration law, either, yet here we are.

Abbott is governing the state of Texas the best way that he can. He’s getting help from other states. He’s also planning to build more barriers along the border. The money is state money along with crowdsourced financing. He has been given no choice since the Dems insist that the issue at the border is nothing more than an inconvenience and that attaching the word “crisis” to it is overreacting.

Don’t worry, Biden. The GOP will fix the problem that you created. And we’ll fix it again in 2024 during the general election.

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