San Francisco Turns Into Ghost Town and the Democrats Are Glad

For many years the City of San Francisco has been under Democratic control. The liberal party has taken one good regulation and law after another and thrown it to the wind. They have implemented just about every lude and destructive idea that is in the left’s playbook. And now that they have screwed over millions of people, the city is dying off at an impressive rate because of all the people moving away for better living conditions.

Twenty years ago, the city was a fantastic place to visit and live. People were moving to the city because of the prosperity that came with living within the city limits. But those times are gone, and people see that the high crime rates, drug problems, and liberalism is not worth the effort to live there.

The issues that plague the city have buried people deep. And nearly half of the population has either moved away or is seriously thinking of leaving town.

When COVID-19 hit the city, bad things just got worse. The nasty liberals panicked and shut everything down. The Democrats saw that they were missing out on a level of power brought on by the pandemic. And when the time came to get back to normal, they were not ready to release the power they were accustomed to having.

Lindsay Stevens is a former resident of the city. She tells the story that a place that was beautiful and prosperous is now a criminal’s paradise. She said, “There’s nothing worse than seeing such a beautiful place in such disarray, and I really thought I was going to be sad when the movers loaded up the last container on Saturday, and I have never been more relieved.”

Stevens had lived in the city for 12 years. And in the past several years, the quality of life that once existed was gone. She pointed out that “The homelessness has been a severe problem, people are not feeling safe walking their dog… the number of break-ins seem to be constantly on the rise.”

The liberals have taken the city and turned it into a socialist experiment. People were homeless that once lived in prosperous communities, and the city officials were doing nothing to combat the high inflation that was setting in.

People were having their cars broken into and being mugged on the streets. Theft was on the rise, and people were no longer safe.

The Democrats took it upon themselves to defund the police and later realized that they had made a colossal mistake. But instead of reversing their decision, they tried to make it seem like it was still the right move to make. But many Democrats will report that they want to refund the police and let them do their job. But for the next two years, the police budget will drain away even more.

Mayor London Breed claims he has a plan to fix the problem of the dying city. He stated that he has a plan and is ready to make it law. Rodney Fong of the Chamber of Commerce noted that “In order to support the City, its residents, and our economic recovery, serious investments need to be made. Mayor [London] Breed has laid out budgets which target these issues in a holistic manner, and they lay the groundwork for serious solutions.”

His idea is to throw money at the problem. He is already taxing the city to death, and now he wants more money to save a dying city. But he fails to state where that money is going to come from. It is just going to force people to leave. Mayor Breed is the problem, and like Gavin Newsom, it is time for him to go.

All Breed wants to do is put people in charge of other people. He has no plan to create more jobs or fund the police force to do their job. He wants to increase the homeless population and create a watchdog group to keep an eye on the people not to rise up and take back their city.

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