Cuba’s Gone Silent…and So Have the Liberals

Cuba has decided to shut down the internet as a way of silencing all of its unhappy and outspoken citizens. Without the internet, it’s a way to hide all of the ongoing protests as if to say that everything is fine within the country.

Now, this is when the social justice warriors, otherwise known as The Squad, would be screaming for justice. How dare Cuba do that to its citizens. Yet, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of her liberal comrades are surprisingly quiet about what’s going on in Cuba.

Anti-government protests have been silenced thanks to Cuba’s state-run monopoly of ETECSA. They’ve restricted access to both social media platforms and messaging apps.

Clearly, Cubans don’t have the same right to freedom of speech as we do in the U.S. Though, based on all that the liberals have been doing to limit our speech on social media, it’s seems that this could be our future if we’re not careful.

Various web analysts began noticing that Cuba began silencing various networks as of Sunday. With networks being shut down among the anti-government protests, Cubans weren’t able to share what was happening with the rest of the world.

One London-based internet monitor, NetBlocks, explained that “the targeted restrictions are likely to limit the flow of information from Cuba following widespread protests on Sunday.” Here’s the most important part, though. Thousands were rallying against their socialist government.

Let’s say that again with a bit more emphasis. Thousands were rallying against their socialist government.

AOC and many of the other Democrats who love to throw liberalism into the face of Americans are part of the Socialists of America. They identify themselves as Democratic Socialists. They believe that socialism is the best move for the U.S.

Why is it that they’re staying so silent about what is happening in Cuba right now?

Oh, that’s right. Cubans are tired of seeing the socialist government destroy their economy and their lives. We should all be watching carefully to see how Cuba has come to a breaking point because of the government’s approach to governing.

Socialism, once again, has proven to be ineffective. It’s why it cannot work in the U.S. and why there are millions who are against it.

There are a lot of things going on in Cuba that mirror what’s happening in the U.S. Their socialist president is responding in similar ways to the Biden administration.

What happened in Cuba? According to Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel, there was a social media campaign that instigated the anti-government protests. Surely, there’s more to it than that.

Yet, it’s very similar to how the Biden administration explained the January 6 Capitol Riot. Trump instigated it on social media, or at least that’s the story they wanted to portray in the media.

The reality is that people are finding their voices. When they’re unhappy with the way that the government leads, they speak out – violently if they have to.

Cubans are demanding an “end to communism” – and it’s become obvious that the government doesn’t want such anti-government demonstrations to get out. The dissatisfaction with the government has been building for quite some time, and it has finally erupted into the streets.

They can blame it on the pandemic or on an economic problem. The reality is that it’s a problem with socialism and communism.

And the reason why the liberals in our own country aren’t saying anything is that they don’t want to admit that what is happening in Cuba could easily happen in the U.S. several decades from now.

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