Sob Story for Texas Democrats as They Are Given Care Packages for Victimizing Themselves

The Democratic Party sees itself as the righteous Pharisees of the modern-day world. In their eyes, they are always right and could not possibly do anything wrong or make a mistake. When the Texas Democrats left for Washington so they did not have to vote on a bill that would secure elections, they felt right even though they broke the law.

The state Democrats turned their backs on the people and refused to stand up and debate things like adults. Instead, they acted like toddlers and threw themselves on the ground and cried like it was the end of the world.

The reason they fled was that they were going to lose the vote. There was enough Republican support for the bill to see it pass. And that was not an option for these people. They decided to board a plane and leave the state so the legislature would shut down. But now that they have been away for a few weeks, they find out that their decision has a cost that is too high for many to pay.

These childish lawmakers took it upon themselves to victimize themselves to call attention to the dastardly deed. They hated the fact the bill was going to strengthen security for voters, protect girls from men that wanted to victimize them for selfish desires, keep men out of women’s sports, save the unborn and give CRT the boot.

The Democrats are so childish and regretting their decision to demand that people send them care packages. They stated that “Our Dems in DC said they’d appreciate care packages from home,” the Dallas Democrats tweeted. “Before 5 pm Tues, we’re collecting Dr. Pepper, salsa, hard candy, hairspray, travel toiletries, hand sanitizers, sewing kits, first aid, and/ or $ to pay shipping. TY!”

The price of martyrdom is too high for them as they miss the simple pleasures of life. Their smug faces are all crammed on camera, pleading with liberals back home to send them some love and support. They are smug liberals trying to live the high life while abandoning their posts as elected officials.

One social media post noted that “They can have all their basic needs met when they go back to Texas and get sent to jail. The audacity of these people to ask for handouts when there are Americans struggling.” Any hopes of the Democrats taking back the state legislature just flew out of the state with the traitors.

People do not want leaders that are just going to leave because they are immature. The Democrats needed to go on record with how they voted for future reference. The stupid stunt they pulled by leaving the state in private jets has only hurt their political influence and has put them on a hard line ever to be trusted again.

The liberals think that the stunt they have pulled is some game. They expect their parents to send them care packages like they are away for the week. The immaturity level is that of a child.

Matt Whitlock quickly reminded everyone that Important to note that these lawmakers are still getting $221/day in per diem from taxpayers, had private flights and luxury hotel rooms paid for, and are just sitting in hotel conference rooms doing zoom meetings. If you’re feeling charitable, please find a better cause.”

They have extended to themselves a paid vacation to Washington. And they expect the taxpayers to foot the bill for their laziness. These people are living in a fantasy world where they honestly believe that they have done nothing wrong. They expect their royal subjects to understand while they exploit the taxpayer for everything they are worth.

The state Democrats ran to their Mother Pelosi, for protection. They believe that she will protect them under her wings like a hen protecting its scared little chicks. At least they were able to find Washington and Pelosi’s office. That is more than what their vice president seems to do since it took her several months to locate the Mexican border. These Democrats might as well turn themselves in and save Governor Abbott the trouble of tracking them down.

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