Don’t Listen to the Dems, Here’s the Truth on the TX Voter Bill

The only thing that most Americans have heard is that Texas Democrats left the state so that the state legislature couldn’t meet quorum to vote on the Texas voter ID bill. What is so bad about this bill that would cause the Dems to up and leave by charter plane?

If you listen to the liberal media, the voter bills in Texas are horrible. They’re not, though, and it’s time you learn the truth.

Both the House and Senate in Texas have established bills to establish a starting point to establish new voting restrictions. The goal is to find common grounds and negotiate. Yet, the Dems fled instead of even discussing the restrictions and working to establish a common ground.

There are a few things covered in the bills.

A ban on drive-thru voting would put an end to what Harris County tested out in 2020. The new rule would require voting to occur inside of a building.

Regulations for early voting hours get rid of the 24-hour polls in Harris County. It would, however, allow at least 12 hours of early voting each weekday in the second week of early voting within state elections.

A ban on mail-in ballot applications would mean that people would have to request them rather than sending them out unsolicited. Public funds cannot be used to do such things. However, political parties can choose to do so with their own funds.

The main sticking point of the bill is the new ID requirements that would be in place for those who vote by mail. Voters would be required to provide one of two things: either their driver’s license number or the last four digits of their Social Security number.

This is hardly making any major demands of anyone. Don’t have a driver’s license? No problem. Just use your Social Security number. If you don’t have one of those, well, you clearly haven’t gotten very far in life – and it may be a sign that you’re in the country illegally.

And, as Kamala Harris has tried to argue about the need to use a copy machine, that’s not necessary. Texas is simply asking for the number to be written into the application.

There is absolutely nothing sinister about these voting laws in Texas, yet the Democrats are in an uproar that it is racist. Why, because Texas is asking for someone’s Social Security number?

Perhaps it is because the Senate legislation is also calling for monthly citizenship checks. How dare Texas actually try to identify noncitizens to ensure that they’re not voting. That’s really what this is all about. The Dems want to complain that the voter laws are racist. Really, it’s because the GOP is closing the loopholes to prevent illegal aliens from voting.

Voting is a reserved right for those who are legal Americans. If we were to allow everyone to vote, it would mean that many would take a Democratic approach – and the Dems would always have the win. Why? Because they’re also the ones catering to the illegal aliens at the southern border, waving stimulus checks in their hands to get the vote if they ever get one.

What Texas is doing is not too different from what other Republican states are doing. They’re protecting the voting process. Yet, the Dems have not only fled from their responsibilities, but they have also fled from the state. Until they return, a vote cannot occur. They’ll have to return at some point, though – and the bills will be waiting for them.

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