Birth Certificates Under Attack by Medical Association for Having the Word “Sex” on It

The liberals have their people in just about every authoritative organization around the United States. The American Medical Association is one of those organizations. The liberal paranoia coming from the AMA is simply laughable. They demand that the word “sex” be removed from all birth certificates because it is offensive to certain people.

The current culture of America is being challenged by the liberal poison that there are no men or women. According to them, there are mindless drones that are sexless, walking around crying about sexual orientation. And the sad part is that only a small number of them make noise about something unimportant.

The attacks lobbied at the AMA are coming from the majority of people that have learned that there are men and women in society. And the birth certificate is the legal way to identify who they are as a person. People do not want to be called anything because it demoralizes them and puts them on a level with an animal good for nothing.

One report stated that “Requiring it can lead to discrimination and unnecessary burden on individuals whose current gender identity does not align with their designation at birth, namely when they register for school or sports, adopt, get married, or request personal records.”

The AMA wants to align all current sex-orientated messages to current social demands. There is no thought for the future, and what it will mean for future generations when the winds change, and people want to be called men and women again.

The only usage of a person’s sexual orientation under the AMA’s guidelines would be statistical data. They are claiming that they are not willing to assign sex for personal reasons, but when it comes to stats, they are willing to report what the person is from birth.

The outcry from groups that support standard reporting and the word “sex” on birth certificates is blasting the left for their poison. Jonathan Kay with the Quillette noted that “Thanks for making it more difficult to argue down vaccine skeptics. Every time I say ‘trust medical science,’ they can just point to this clown show.”

The liberals continue to drive home the confusion regarding sexual orientation and many other topics. They need to twist the next generation into a boiling pot of confusion that they are willing to change just about anything to get the job done.

Julie Gunlock was quick to rip into the AMA by stating, “It’s important to know that medical associations shifted to activist organizations years ago. This is very dangerous.”

It is so dangerous because it will only confuse young people. It will also lead to a massive decline in the population, putting America on a path to extinction because the death rate will exceed the birth rate.

Many places are not about to embrace the ridiculous notions coming from the sadistic left. Bryan Dean Wright is a former CIA agent that revealed that there is “Good news for men under 25: Call your auto insurance company and demand a lower premium because you’re no longer male.” No insurance company will ever honor such horrible decisions just so a person can save a dollar. They will pay their fair share.

But there is a danger when it comes to medication. Men that want to be girls are still, and always will be, men biologically. And medications affect men and women differently. They can be deadly. The doctor will also be at risk for massive lawsuits should a wacko suffer because they were given a medication that harmed.

Nate Fischer is an investor that saw that “We are still in the early stages of a total collapse in trust in our credentialing institutions. It remains to be seen whether this results in epistemological chaos or a broad renaissance. I suspect we will see both.”

The liberals never consider the future when they push for their selfish and unnatural agenda items. They want to warp the minds of young people, so they have no choice but to accept the wishes of their liberal masters.

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