Democrats in Congress Condemn Biden for Ignoring Their Plea’s…His Presidency Could Be Short-Lived

After four years of torment, the Democrats got their wish. They finally have a level-headed nice guy in the Oval Office. A guy with decades of political experience who, unlike his greenhorn predecessor, knows the ropes. Biden is a kinder and gentler president. Someone their children can look up to. It’s unfortunate how it took the realization of their dreams to finally understand the old cliche about nice guys finishing last.

Democrats have remained unusually quiet concerning Biden’s many blunders. Until now. With egg yolks streaming down their faces they have little choice but to admit their grave error in judgment. Afghanistan cracked the shell and only the president himself is saying he backs his own decision 100%. Well, good for him because no one else does. No one.

Despite ongoing political quarrels, Americans by nature are compassionate. When push comes to shove there is no Democrat versus Republican, there’s only the red, white, and blue. This is one of those times. Footage of Afghan civilians tumbling off the wings of a taxiing aircraft, knowing they’ve been left to die, gave sight to the blind. Yet, the Biden administration continues to cling to the outright lie that they were conducting an orderly and well-planned-out departure.

Journalists, Afghans who aided American troops, medical volunteers, and more than a few deserted embassy workers, have all been left behind to contemplate their fates, and Americans don’t like that. Republican or Democrat.

This places Democrats on Capitol Hill in an awkward position. They’re trying to ascertain how they can continue to support Biden, while at the same time condemning him for not listening to their stark warnings. They told him to hold his horses with the withdrawal but he knew better than they did and pushed ahead. “Can’t stay there forever.” You also don’t leave someone else’s house without first gathering up all your belongings so you don’t have to go back.

In April when Biden announced plans for a total troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, nearly every Democrat in Congress backed his decision 100%. It was long overdue and someone had to do it. But, because they had little to no say in the way the withdrawal was accomplished, they’re now infuriated.

Biden, anxious to claim the glory that would be his, gave zero consideration to the thousands of Afghan civilians who risked their lives working alongside U.S. and NATO troops. As a result of his calloused and ungrateful decision, they and their families are now at great risk and have been forced into hiding. The Taliban have attempted to coax them out by saying they have been granted full amnesty and won’t be harmed, but they know much better than to believe them.

Rep. Chrissy Houlihan from Pennsylvania, both a Democrat and an Air Force veteran, laid it on the line when she said, “These past few days have been difficult to process, and not because the Taliban’s progress was surprising. In fact, the opposite. We sounded the alarm, and our dire warnings fell on deaf ears.”

Silence is still golden for the many Democrats who are still shaking their rattled heads. For them, as of now, there are simply no words. But stay tuned…they’re beginning to awaken from their stupor.

Republicans don’t need to awaken from anything. They’re saying Biden just sliced his own wrist. His fool-hearted lack of planning has not only permanently stained his presidential legacy, but it’s also taken its toll on the entire Democrat party. With the mid-terms coming up next year, Biden’s blunder will cost them dearly.

Biden recklessly claimed that the U.S. has issued visa’s to the left behind Afghans but many of them chose to remain behind. Journalists on the streets say this isn’t so. A great many of them have waited years for a visa that still hasn’t arrived and they’re doubtful it ever will. In the meantime, they’re hiding their heads to keep them attached to their body.

The days ahead only hold more death, bloodshed, and merciless beatings for the innocents who have been left behind as prey for the brutality of the Taliban. Who’s ready to give Joe Biden a pat on the back for a job well done? Anyone? Anyone? Didn’t think so.

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