A Call for Supreme Court Term Limits, But Would It Help Anything?

Every now and then, a Democrat gets the idea to change the way in which the Supreme Court was founded.

Alexander Hamilton felt that the best way for Supreme Court justices to serve was to do so for life rather than identifying a limit. However, more and more justices will serve for 30 or more years. Does that really matter? Most say no.

However, there are times when a Democrat will yell and holler to establish term limits. Then, nothing becomes of it because they realize that it won’t really change anything.

Term limits would only mean that there are more justices to enter the Supreme Court. It would also mean that there’s a greater chance of having a partial SCOTUS – with more Republicans or more Democrats. In most years, it’s a relatively close split. And with the age span of sitting Supreme Court justices, shifting to term limits wouldn’t shake things up too much.

Yet, Mazie Hirono (D-HI) is the latest who wants to yell and holler about term limits.

The reason that she’s upset, though, isn’t because a member of SCOTUS has been sitting in there for too long. It’s because she doesn’t like the fact that they ruled against banning the Texas abortion ban.

Her ignorance is shining bright because she feels as though they overturned Roe v. Wade. They have not – at least not yet.

She talks about the Supreme Court’s shadow docket and says that they used it to overturn Roe vs. Wade and that they did it 28 times in the Trump years. She says that it’s an abuse of power and “what’s going to happen probably is more calls for court reform.”

Basically, she didn’t get the ruling that she wanted and, therefore, she’ll push for court reform.

There are five Republican appointees and four Democratic appointees. Some of the Democratic appointees have voted in favor of Republican legislation in the past – and vice versa.

It has nothing to do with the shadow docket or an abuse of power. It is how the justices choose to interpret the law.

Hirono is treading into dangerous waters at the moment because she is talking about taking powers away from the state. She explains that they’re going to “ do everything we can to codify Roe v. Wade at the federal level but also at the state level because it’s the state legislators that are very busy, passing hundreds and hundreds of abortion-limiting laws across the country and that is why people need to vote.” Again, she’s pointing directly at what is happening in Texas.

Texas is only banning the abortions that take place after six weeks – once a heartbeat can be detected. There will always be medical necessities that lead to the termination of the fetus, yet those are to be determined by medical doctors, not because of someone who simply decided late into the pregnancy that they weren’t up to being a mother.

Hirono doesn’t want to stop at term limits, either. She also wants to increase the number of justices on the court – and why? Oh, because there’s a Democrat in office. How convenient if that were to mean that Biden could place another two or even four justices into SCOTUS.

This is so typical of the Democratic Party. They get a ruling that they don’t like so they’re willing to upturn the entire Supreme Court that’s been in place since the formation of our country.

Sit down, Hirono. It’s not going to happen.

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