How Many Americans Did Biden Sentence to Their Deaths by Leaving Them in Afghanistan? Thousands!

Mike Glover is a special operations expert and he works alongside various NGOs (non-governmental organizations). Their objective? They are looking to rescue Americans (and our allies) who are currently trapped in Afghanistan. According to Glover, the NGOs are doing more to rescue the stranded Americans than their own government.

The Taliban and the Haqqani network are now being relied upon to get Americans home, which seems like a bad idea in all regards. The story is being told at the following link is a sad one. According to the link, thousands of Americans and Afghan allies have been abandoned over in Afghanistan and now they have very little hope.

If not for the few brave Americans who are willing to step in and help out, we shudder to think of what would happen. Mike Glover, Retired Green Beret Sgt. Major, is well qualified to discuss the situation. Glover used to work as a CIA paramilitary contractor and this provided with the experience that he needed to step up when times got hard.

Those who have been paying close attention probably remember the vital role that Mike played during the Benghazi aftermath. The Obama Administration was responsible for the abandonment of American citizens in Libya and the mainstream media did not want to say anything about it. Instead, brave Americans like Mike rolled up their sleeves and got to work.

These are the stories that the far left does not want to tell. They want everyone to believe that Biden and Obama are always right. Even when they screw up to the highest magnitude, there is always someone there who is willing to carry the water for them. That’s the most infuriating aspect of these discussions.

People like Glover should not have to step up and handle these issues because the government has failed so conclusively. This should not even be his problem. If you are able to watch the following video without losing your temper, you are better than us. We were shocked and saddened.

In fact, we are urging readers to take immediate action. It is time to step up to the plate. We are going to be contacting our Congressional representatives and giving them the boost that they need. These people need to know that we are very unhappy with the current state of affairs. It is stunning to watch the Biden administration systematically rip America apart.

They may want people to believe that they are saving us from ISIS and Al-Qaeda but they are doing more damage than these terrorist cells ever could. Biden is taking his marching orders from Obama the traitor and he is doing whatever he can to follow in his footsteps. If not for true Americans like Mike Glover, we do not know what would be happening. These stranded Americans would be left to fend for themselves.

Biden does not view them as worthy of his efforts. Even worse, he does not view Americans as being worthy of being told the truth. He lies in our faces on a daily basis, obscuring the efforts that are being put in by the real heroes. Biden and his enablers should be taught a serious lesson but we are not going to be holding our breath waiting for that to happen.

Once you stop to think about all of the other problems that Biden is responsible for creating, the true issues of his presidency come into focus. It’s not like Afghanistan was his only screw up. He’s failed to do anything about the virus and the death toll only continues to rise.

The southern border is an absolute mess as well. We wish that there were more Americans like Glover who could handle these concerns. Instead, we are currently being forced into the unenviable position of worrying about these problems more than our president does. It’s not a swell place to be, that is for certain.

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