Terrorist Teacher Union Still Making Demands Over COVID-19

Teacher Unions think they hold all the cards when it relates to COVID-19. Some of them have made some outlandish demands, while others, such as the Los Angeles teachers union, have crossed the line and have become communists. The pathetic union may be the second largest in the country, but they have a lot to learn about who controls the school system.

The union is still scared to death of the COVID virus. They want to see “mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for all eligible students and stricter quarantine rules while raising some objections to a new district mandate for online instruction when students are in quarantine.”

And yet, they also want to change the way infected learn while they are in quarantine. They have alluded that they want to do away with distance learning and force everyone to get the vaccine. But what they fail to understand is that the new variant is supposedly immune to the vaccine.

The teacher’s union has been negotiating with the state for over a year. They want all kinds of socialist-style benefits before they agree to do their job. They are demanding that the students who do not have an exemption be forced to get a shot before school. Their demand reads that all students “achieve full vaccination no later than 12 weeks following the birthday in which they become eligible” to get a shot that many do not want to get.

They also are demanding if a student is found with COVID that the entire class must quarantine before any of them can come back to school. They want to impose communist rules on the students and force them to act as a whole. If one student gets sick, they all will suffer the consequences.

The school district has not provided the union with an answer. The union supposedly speaks for over 30,000 teachers and other employees of the school district. Six hundred thousand students are being left behind because a few greedy adults want to try and use the kids as hostages in the negotiations.

All of the schools already have COVID-19 restrictions in place. Megan K. Reilly is the Interim Superintendent. And she is the one that has to face the parents and tell them what is happening with their teachers. She has had to tell parents that the kids will be subjected to constant COVID testing no matter if they have received the shot or not, which flies in the face of the union and their demand to vaccinate every kid.

Students are also forced to wear a mask inside and outside. Those that are infected have to stay home and attempt to learn on Zoom. But should the union win the fight, the quarantined students will lose their access to home-based education while sick.

The district announced that “The plan includes providing instruction to quarantined students via a web conference tool in the event the entire class and teacher are in quarantine. If only a few students are in quarantine, lessons will be live-streamed.”

The union is stubborn because they do not want to reach an agreement that would force teachers to return to in-class learning. The lazy socialist teachers have grown accustomed to laying around and doing nothing for the pay they are receiving. Some of the teachers were found taking a vacation during the COVID lockdowns.

The Delta variant has made some students sick. One report showed that “In the first week of school in L.A. Unified, about 6,500 students missed one or more days of classes because they either tested positive for the virus or were a close contact of someone who did. That works out to 1 in 70 students. About 1,000 district employees missed at least one day of work that first week for the same reasons. Only one school, Grant Elementary in Hollywood, has had a confirmed outbreak — with three or more linked cases involving an on-campus transmission of the infection.”

But by the second week, those numbers had fallen by over half. The concerns of the union are unwarranted. They are just a bunch of greedy liberals seeking to exert power over a bunch of little kids just wanting to get back into the classroom and start learning again.

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