Newsom Makes Bold Move To Ensure His Dictatorship Will Last Forever

Gavin Newsom escaped losing his job by the hair of his wrinkled chin. The recall election was not just an attempt to rid the state of evil. Still, it was also supposed to serve as a wake-up call for everyone else that socialism and liberal lies will not be tolerated any longer.

But Newsom failed to learn his lesson. And now it appears that he has signed into law a permanent way for him to cheat at every election moving forward.

KTLA based out of Los Angeles reported that Newsom was making a move to keep voting in his favor by reporting that “California’s pandemic-inspired move toward mailing a ballot to every registered, active voter will become a permanent part of the state’s political landscape, an embrace of an extended and flexible voting process instead of the traditional focus on a single day of voting in person.”

The liberal governor wants to cut out the ballot box and let people vote from their homes. They would essentially be able to send in as many ballots as they want to, and no one would ever know they are involved in illegal adventures.

The bill in question is called “Assembly Bill 37.” He has seen to it to send every person in the state a ballot to their home whether they use it or not. It opens the door for a person to vote and send in a second vote by mail.

Marc Berman is a Democrat from the Palo Alto area, and he makes mention that every single person will have a ballot waiting for them to use. The new bill opens the door for deceased people to receive a ballot since no one is required to vote in person.

KTLA stated that the new law takes effect at the start of the year. They wrote that “The law takes effect in January and will require ballots to be mailed to all voters for statewide elections in June and November. AB 37 also applies to local elections, potentially improving turnout in community contests but also increasing costs, given that vote-by-mail ballots are provided with prepaid postage.”

Not only is nasty Newsom setting himself up to be a dictator, but he is making his strained subjects pay for it. Every single ballot is prepaid, which is another way of stating that the taxpayers are paying the postage whether the ballot is sent out or not.

The mail-in-voting idea was supposed to have been temporary because of the pandemic. But the power-hungry liberals are finding ways to make the changes permanent. Newsom found himself at the end of a lawsuit because he took power that was not his to have.

Newsom essentially changed laws and devised new ones at the time. His actions violated the normal flow of lawmaking in California. The state legislature is supposed to come up with new laws. But he thinks that he is royalty and should have that power. Newsom would lose in court and be told to stop abusing his power.

Once a Democrat, always a nut. Newsom was in trouble, and before anyone could take action against his overreach, the liberals in the legislature ran ahead and passed a law to justify the dictator’s pandemic orders. They found a way to politicize his crime and turned it into law without calling attention to their actions.

What is devious about the dictator’s new law is that a person can print a ballot off from the computer and mail it in to be counted. The state is primed for fraud voting for all upcoming elections.

The person to blame for the setup is the former secretary of State Alex Padilla. The devious man now sits as a Senator, which puts him in a position to see his idea through to completion.

Padilla is guilty of ignoring court orders from 2017 when he was told to fix the state’s voter registration rolls. It was discovered that the man ignored the order and went about life like nothing was wrong.

Newsom has seen to it to win any future elections in the state. He is primed to sit as governor for years to come until his child is ready to take the throne.

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