A Game-Changing COVID Pill?

In the months that will quickly turn into a full year since the first COVID-19 vaccines were introduced, there has been more and more of a push for those to now be mandated. Already Democratic President has mandated such for companies who employ more than 100 people, for all branches and levels of the military, and pretty much for all medical professional personnel.

The problem is that 1) such vaccine mandates violate our Constitutional freedoms, and 2) they are not guaranteed to work for everyone. In fact, over the last few months, we have seen a rising number of individuals who have had severe adverse reactions to the vaccine, some even dying from it.

And yet, the federal government and our liberal leaders seem to think there is nothing so good for the country right now than all Americans of all walks of life, age, and medical history to be double jabbed with a compound that has not been proven to be inefficient in many cases but also harmful.

Luckily, there may be another option. And if approved, it may just end the pandemic by relegating the disease everyone on the left seems to be so terrified of as nothing more than a common virus like the flu.

Introducing molnupiravir.

Unlike the supposed vaccines, this comes in pill form and can be taken orally at home like any other antiviral medication one usually picks up at the pharmacy.

Created and produced by pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co, with help from Ridgeback Biotherapeutics LP, the pill has been reported by The Wall Street Journal to be similar in its application and purpose to that of Tamiflu, except its expressly for COVID. According to Merck, the pill has shown effectiveness against the virus, dropping COVID-related hospitalizations by about 50 percent against all known variants of the disease.

The Merck study used data from 775 patients for their evaluations, with plans to add up to 1,500 more. However, due to its high success rate, or what the company called “compelling interim efficacy results, the study was stopped.

This was also the reason why the company went to the FDA relatively early about moving forward with its distribution. In the coming weeks, the FDA will be contacted again by Merck & Co., this time to ask for FDA approval and authorization.

While not all of the study’s results have yet to be published and released yet, what has is promising.

During trials, the drug’s side effects were no different from those experienced by people who were given the placebo instead of molnupiravir. Additionally, hospitalizations fell sharply, with only 7.3 percent of people diagnosed with COVID being admitted, while nearly twice as many, 14.1 percent, of those who were given the placebo, were hospitalized.

And even more importantly, not a single soul who took the tested drug died. Meanwhile, eight of those who were given the placebo died due to COVID.

According to Merck CEO Rob Davis, this makes the drug a potential game-changer for the pandemic.

“The ability to take what is a devastating disease like Covid-19 and potentially make it a manageable situation through what is a very convenient round of administration, which is an oral pill you can take at home, has important implication for the ability to manage the ongoing pandemic.”

Essentially, it could end it, as approval by the FDA for molnupiravir would be documented proof that the virus can be treated and dealt with in the same manner as nearly every other common viral illness known to man, such as the common cold and influenza.

Now, for some of you, this is what we’ve been saying all along. I mean, honestly, how much different is it than the flu? You get sick, run a fever, feel like crap, have a runny nose, cough. Sometimes you get better within a matter of days and all on its own. Other times, if not treated, it could lead to worse things, like an upper respiratory infection, pneumonia, or bronchitis, which can be deadly for those with weak immune systems or other health issues.

So why would we carry on like this is some disease that can be easily removed from the world with a vaccine, as smallpox has nearly been?

COVID, like the flu, is unfortunately here for the long haul. And the sooner we come to terms with that and start treating it as just another illness and stop insisting on lockdowns and mandates, the better off we’ll all be.

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