Abbott Continues to Do What Biden Won’t Along the Border… Catching Thousands of Illegals

By now, we’ve all the images coming from our southern border with Mexico. Swarms of people filing across the desert, wading through the Rio Grande, and making their way illegally onto US soil. And for thousands, it’s done without a single attempt to do it the right way, you know, legally.

Naturally, this is causing a crisis on our southern border lying states. Small towns are now seemingly overrun with migrants seeking shelter, food, and the basic necessities to provide themselves. They are breaking into homes, family farms, and businesses. They are stealing cars, destroying property, and some are even causing personal harm to Americans they might encounter along the way.

And yet, for Democratic President Joe Biden and his administration, this seems to be exactly what they wanted. Either that or they are so baffled by the magnitude of the problem that they have been stunned into inaction.

In either case, there is at least one hope for the situation.

Enter Texas’ Republican Governor Greg Abbott.

Unlike Biden, Abbott’s been running a program aimed at nothing but hemming in the constant flow of illegal immigration in his state. And so far, Operation Lone Star, as it is called, has brought in some 4,600 illegal border crossers in the past seven months since its birth, according to USA Today.

Now, I know, that number might seem incomparable, possibly even insignificant in the grand scheme of things, with hundreds of thousands of illegals having crossed into America in that same time. But, unlike Biden, at least they are trying to remedy the chaos and crisis that’s quickly overtaking our nation and not adding to it.

As Abbott told the Austin American-Stateman back in March, “The crisis at our southern border continues to escalate because of Biden Administration policies that refuse to secure the border and invite illegal immigration.” He continued, adding that “Texas supports legal immigration but will not be an accomplice to the open border policies that cause, rather than prevent, a humanitarian crisis in our state and endanger the lives of Texans. We will surge the resources and law enforcement personnel needed to confront this crisis.”

And so far, they have.

According to USA Today and Abbott himself, hundreds of Texas National Guard soldiers, state troopers, Texas Rangers, and local law enforcement personnel have answered the call to bring order and justice back to the border.

But it’s been a battle, to say the least. Not only are these brave men and women outnumbered by some rather daunting odds, but there are also plenty on the political left who would rather enjoy and are even trying to ensure that they fail.

For example, take Thomas Saenz, resident and general counsel of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

In his mind, all of this is not only unconstitutional as the federal government usually handles matters of immigration, but it leads to racial profiling. Saenz says this is particularly the case when so many “untrained law enforcement officers” begin to “engage in immigration enforcement efforts.”

And in court, the program has come up against even more opposition.

As USA Today reported, a Texas district court judge just allowed a case against two of Project Lone Star’s targets, men who crossed illegally over the border into Texas and were arrested in June, to be dismissed on Tuesday. According to the judge, the prosecution was “unprepared to present probable cause,” so the trespassing charges were dropped.

Later in the same day, the same district judge released a whopping 243 more arrested illegals under “no-cost bonds,” the outlet reported.

As the Center for Immigration Studies Jessica Vaughn argues, the Operation has done nothing wrong, as it has focused on arresting and charging mostly migrants who have made it into the US illegally, sneaking past border patrol, and have since shown no sign of turning themselves in or seeking asylum. Needless to say, though, there remains opposition to it.

That doesn’t mean they are giving in any time soon, though. On the contrary, Abbott has made it clear, even in recent days, that he is committed to securing the border in his state, even if it means defying our commander in chief.

And as Vaughn says, his efforts could lead to a “blueprint” on just how to handle the situation both legally and morally on a state level.

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