Street Drugs Laced with Fentanyl are On the Rise…and Borders are Wide Open. Coincidence?

By harald pizzinini

The Biden administration can read about what’s happening across the country. Yet, they can’t seem to connect the dots regarding cause and effect. We’ll help them out…

Across the country, we’re seeing fentanyl being added to street drugs. It’s happening at alarming rates, and it’s causing people to die from opioid overdoses. It’s particularly evident in Baton Rouge, where people are dying even without abusing the addictive drugs.

According to the Attorney’s Office within the Baton Rouge Parish District, “85% of the 172 overdose deaths this year were due to fentanyl.”

Now, where is the fentanyl coming from?

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid and the primary manufacturer in the world is Mexico. This isn’t some new information, either. In fact, the DEA has been aware of it for years.

With the southern border of the U.S. wide open, it’s allowing fentanyl to come in faster than ever before. Each and every month, there are mass drug seizures happening – and some of it is overwhelming the border security officials.

In August, CBP officers at the Otay Mesa Commercial Facility encountered a tractor and trailer driver hauling plastic household articles. It was during the inspection that 2.8 tons of fentanyl and methamphetamine were discovered.

This particular shipment was discovered. Consider how many shipments aren’t discovered.

It would seem that one of the easiest ways to prevent fentanyl from coming into the U.S. would be to close the border. If we know that most fentanyl comes from Mexico, we should be working to cut off the flow. Yet, that’s not what the Biden administration wants to do.

Each and every day, people are dying of an opioid overdose – and much of it is because they don’t realize that the illicit drugs they use are being laced with fentanyl. As Coroner Beau Clark of Baton Rouge explains, “We’re seeing a lot of folks that are traditional stimulant users, like cocaine, dying of an opioid overdose.”

Fentanyl is known for being highly addictive. And, the black-market street drugs are being laced with it with greater frequency.

The issues doesn’t lie solely within Baton Rouge. The New York Post recently reported that fentanyl is the leading cause of death in teens in one particular county of Arizona. Any guess where that county is located? You guessed it – right on the border of Arizona and Mexico.

Is it that the Biden administration is truly ignorant and they can’t connect the dots? Or, is it that they have connected the dots but don’t really care that the lax border issues are causing a drug epidemic? Either way, it’s not okay – especially when the problem is getting worse.

There are two issues that the Biden administration is responsible for ongoing illegal immigration, and more fentanyl hitting the streets than ever before.

And, the government knows that there is a problem. In a report released by the DEA, they have explained that there’s a “dramatic” rise in counterfeit pills hitting the streets. At least two milligrams of fentanyl are inside – and that’s enough to be considered a lethal dose.

It seems that the DEA and the Biden administration need to work together to tackle this issue. Otherwise, Biden’s going to need an industrial hose to wash off the blood on his hands by the time he’s done with his presidential term.

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