Buttigieg Admits That the Supply Chain Crisis Is a Successful Victory for the Way Biden Is Handling the Economy

By Carsten Reisinger

Pete Buttigieg is the estranged Transportation Secretary who believes that Joe Biden is doing an excellent job rocking in the White House. The nation faces several disasters on multiple fronts, and the president seems content to sit back and watch everything all to ruins. But Buttigieg wants to try and make it seem that all of the problems are successes of Biden’s.

The pressing matter that affects the entire nation is that of the supply chain crisis. Ships are conveniently left out in the harbors waiting to be unloaded because Biden has stripped away all the workers that would have already unloaded them. And Buttigieg comes along claiming that the backlog is part of the president’s great job handling the economy.

He pushed aside the matter of inflating prices and the fact that Biden has allowed millions of people to remain on socialist programs. He failed to mention that gas prices are increasing daily, and people have to choose between feeding their families and having enough gas to make it to a heavily taxing job.

Buttigieg is a lazy man that was put on paternity leave for several months, and he got paid every last cent of his salary during that time off without lifting a finger to accomplish any work. The man is as greedy as a vulture. He sits around like every other nasty Democrat playing with their microphones while the country sits in shambles.

Good old Pete Buttigieg got invited to speak with Jake Tapper from CNN. And the two of them set out to try and help Biden salvage his image. Tapper wanted to know if things were going to get worse before they ever got better. His question does not need an answer since things will get terrible until Biden and his regime are forced out of the White House.

Tapper stated that “Moody’s warns that these supply chain disruptions ‘will get worse before they get better.’ Do Americans need to prepare ourselves for this to get worse before it gets better?”

The leachy Transportation Secretary could not contain himself when told Tapper that things would get a lot worse. The Democrats have a lack of vision, and they do not think through things before making decisions. Biden wants to socialize America but fails to realize that by running down the path, he will kill off everything that makes America great.

The crazy liberal spoke of steps that were going to be taken to help solve the problem, but many of them will not be enough to deal with the current backlog of ships floating around in the ocean. Biden has created a pirate’s paradise, and they would have to attack and take any ship they wanted since they were just sitting idle.

Creepy Biden set out to eliminate jobs and keep people from filling current positions. And with demand for products going up, there are not enough people to meet the demand. Buttigieg wants people to think that nothing has changed. But the reality of the problem is that Biden has deliberately created the mess to create some fix that makes him look like a hero.

Buttigieg lied when he tried to tell Tapper that people were earning more in wages than ever before, and the truth is that people are earning less than before because Biden sees fit to keep taxes people to death. And ever when they die, he wants to tax the coffin that they are placed in.

The silly man thinks that the $17 billion in Biden’s trojan bill will be enough to expand the ports to make a difference. The existing ports are massive and would require more than the amount allotted to renovate and expand.

Buttigieg even tried to drag the pandemic into the long line of excuses for why the supply chain problem exists. But after all, Joe Biden has successfully handled the economy, which has led to the empty shelves around the nation.

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