Southwest Finally Gives In; Won’t Enforce the Vaccine Mandate

By RaksyBH

As more and more state and local governments enact their own legislation for vaccine mandates at the insistence of the federal government, Texas has simply said ‘no way’ to that lunacy. Yet Government contractors like Southwest Airlines have been bending at the knee to kiss the Biden ring and go along with it. This in turn led to thousands of flight delays and cancellations last week as employees staged an unofficial ‘sickout’ in protest.

Southwest Airlines initially reported these delays and cancellations as a result of ATC shortages and weather; claims ATC refuted and weather maps and other airlines flights proved that this was simply false. While their union reps also denied the ‘sickout’ as actually occurring, enough chatter was heard and well documented. With a Biden imposed December 8th deadline, those who were unvaccinated would have been placed on unpaid leave.

This uprising combined with the pressure from Texas officials forced the hand of Southwest to do what was right, and not enact such policies. No matter how much Biden and his cronies may have made threats about their federal contracts. However, the road isn’t completely clear for these employees yet.

Those who are not currently vaccinated and wish to remain jab-less will need to apply for an exemption. They have until November 24th to either get vaccinated or apply for an exemption. Those exemptions will be reviewed, and an answer given by December 8th. Previously under their plan once the deadline was reached they would be on unpaid leave. Now they will simply be allowed to continue working.

News of these developments was first given to employees via a note from Southwest’s senior vice president of operations and hospitality, Steve Goldberg, and Julie Weber, vice president, and chief people officer. While a notification like this rolling out in a note from senior leadership is not uncommon, it is not the most ideal method of delivery either. It should have also been accompanied by a PR campaign to ensure not only employees, but the general public was aware. This would have shown the people how much they value the rights of their employees.

CNBC was able to obtain a verified copy of the note, noting the passage “This is a change from what was previously communicated. Initially, we communicated that these Employees would be put on unpaid leave and that is no longer the case”. This statement alone is a beautiful thing and helps keep the rights of their employees more intact.

There are two major arguments to be had though. Who will be approving the religious requests and what are their qualifications? Will a Catholic priest for example be passing judgment on those who are Dudeist, Jedi, or other ‘fringe’ religions? Or will they have representatives from different religions taking a vote? If so, who’s to say how much knowledge they will have on these belief systems, or how impartial they will be?

Medical exemptions are the other argument to be had here. While many exemptions have been granted due to poor response to previous vaccines, there is no protection for those who trust their immune system over a vaccine, or for those who have family who has responded poorly to the vaccines.

These people may find themselves in perilous waters when it comes to the vaccine and the outrage of those pushing for vaccines to be mandated for everyone. Considering they are now advocating for booster shots for many, and administering the vaccine to younger people, these concerns cannot be overlooked.

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