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If you’ve been living anywhere, but under a rock for the last few years or so, you will know that our southern border is in the midst of absolute chaos and crisis. And in the last year, basically, since Democratic President Joe Biden was announced the winner of the 2020 November presidential election, that crisis has only been escalated.

And yet, when it comes to handling the crisis, White House leadership has done little, if anything. Nearly as soon as Biden took office, he handed the problem off to VP Kamala Harris, who has visibly failed on all accounts. Not only have the number of border crossings not decreased under her charge, but they have actually increased to the point that literally millions of illegal immigrants are entering the US on a monthly basis, which according to border data, is 430,000 times more than what we saw for this same period last year.

You would think the lack of action taken along the border would encourage a sitting president to step up and take charge. Or at least take a quick visit to the border to see what’s actually going on.

And yet, Biden has not.


Well, when CNN’s Anderson Cooper recently asked him that very question, his answer was simply that he was too busy.

Now, on the one hand, I understand that the job of the president is the most difficult in the nation, filled with daily problems and concerns, and with each morning bringing new situations that must be handled in a timely manner. And, as such, he is no doubt busy. I mean, beyond the border crisis, the nation is also experiencing skyrocketing gas prices, rising inflation, a lingering pandemic, and, of course, there are still hundreds of Americans trapped in Afghanistan.

Then again, it doesn’t seem to be Biden, or really anyone, who is handling any of these other situations.

What’s Biden been doing instead? Well, it would seem that vacations are his top priority.

According to the New York Post, Biden has spent no less than 70 of his nearly 300 days in office so far at one of his homes in Delaware. So that’s 25 trips to a state that doesn’t really need his time or attention right now. And why? Because, according to him, he feels more “grounded” there.

As NPR points out, just six of the “first 29 weekends of his presidency” were spent at the White House.

Now, given the technology of the day, I’m not saying no presidential work is being done on those weekend trips to his home state. Or that when he’s traveling to any other state, and he’s been to quite a few so far, that he’s just twiddling his thumbs.

However, I don’t know that going to California to support a gubernatorial candidate is more important than handling the crisis going on in our southern border states.

And then, of course, there’s the fact that he’s taken several “vacations” already, some in his beloved Delaware, some at Camp David, where he hid from the world during the fall of Kabul, and some at his Rehoboth Beach estate.

Yet, he doesn’t “have time” to take a trip to the border.

As just about anyone can tell you, a flight from Washington to, say, El Paso, Texas, which is very near the border, takes about 4 hours. That’s four hours of still taking calls, speaking to politicians, and even engaging in some video chats to handle other situations.

Then there’s, what? A couple of hours to visit a border facility, talk to some politicians, and say a few words to a reporter? And then it’s back on the plane back home.

It’s a day trip for someone like Biden, who has access to his own plane and transportation crew.

But he has weekends, 23 of them, so far, in which his travel plans consist of nothing more than heading to his Wilmington home.

Yeah, it sounds like time is the real problem here… not.

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