DeSantis Gives Massive High-Five to Virginia for Kicking Democrats in the Gut

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Ron DeSantis has become the face of the Republican Party. He is involved with watching how other conservatives around the country are treated as the Democrats move in and try to take away personal freedoms and the right to be an American. The nastiness that many Republicans are facing is what will drive them to the polls in a few short months to begin removing the blue out of the House of Representatives.

Millions of voters showed up in Virginia to kick the blue dictators out of office. Voters were frothing for the chance to remove other political heads, but they will have to wait until the next election cycle to get the person they want in office.

The Republicans look to take over every political office that matters in Virginia. People are tired of being criminalized for wanting to live free or having a different opinion from their liberal leader. Liberal dictators quickly route peaceful protestors because of their desire to legally try and change the way things are done in the state.

But Ron DeSantis has been watching faithfully and supporting Republicans. When the race finally came to an end, he was quick to state, “Dear Virginia, Welcome to the Resistance! Love, Florida.”

The Floridian governor is in the crosshairs of Joe Biden for his stance against the liberal president. Joe Biden cannot stand that DeSantis has had unparalleled success bringing the Sunshine state through the pandemic without ruining the state in the process. Florida is the perfect picture of life when elected leaders care for the people instead of their selfish desires.

DeSantis has not once held back when it comes to pointing out the error of the Democratic Party. He stated a few years back during Donald Trump’s term in office that “They care more about illegal immigrants than they do about our American military.” They want to give money away to illegals that have not once worked a day in their life to make America a great place to live.

At the time, the liberals wanted to make money from the military and give it to the illegals. The Democrats wanted to try and block funding for the troops that defend the freedoms all liberals take for granted. They all think that there is something better than having the right to live free. The Democrats miss the point that the American people do not want to give up the freedoms that loved ones have died for to protect.

At one point, DeSantis railed on Biden when the president wanted to keep people from traveling to Florida. DeSantis stated that “I think it would be unconstitutional, it would be unwise, and it would be unjust. Restricting the right of Americans to travel freely throughout our country while allowing illegal aliens to pour across the southern border unmolested would be a ridiculous, but very damaging farce.”

Life in a Democratic state is awful. But now, Virginia has spoken loud and clear that they will not submit to the insanity of the liberal agenda. The blue politicians love to shut down schools and force people to wear masks while walking down the street. They love to cancel the holidays and would love to make it impossible for people to attend worship services at their local church.

The Democrats do not stand up for the voters. They side with the terrorists and the illegals trying to make their way across the southern border. DeSantis pointed out that “I think they’re very caustic and nasty. I think unless they make us a complete socialist country, these people are never going to be happy, and I think that even though Biden’s been the most left-wing president of our lifetimes, I would say, even more than LBJ —LBJ wasn’t as left-wing on the culture as Biden is, and Biden is an aggressive left-wing culture warrior — but I think anything short of complete domination of conservatism, making sure people that have conservative views are shut out, anything short of that, they’re just not going to be happy.” And that is a culture that Americans will not stand for.

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