Out of Options, Ghislaine Maxwell Debates Taking the Stand in a Plea Deal…She May Be About to Squeel Like the Pig She Is

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Who in their right mind would take the fall for a dead guy when their most-unfortunate demise would be better served by scape-goating the long gone thug to get off the hook? If they could, they’d probably tell their still alive partner in crime to do it. As Jeffrey Epstein’s former purveyor of young flesh, Ghislaine Maxwell is working on her defense, and this is exactly the path her attorneys are planning on wandering down. She had nothing to do with any of Epstein’s shenanigans. 

Four women have already detailed their experiences as young girls to a jury in New York City and had Maxwell been seated closer to them they would have all spit her face. All four of them pointed directly at Maxwell as the one who lured them in and even trained them in the fine art of providing sexual pleasure to Epstein and his posse of elite old farts. 

The trial that was estimated to last six weeks is now estimated to conclude much sooner. For reasons unknown to anyone other than federal prosecutors and Maxwell’s legal team, both sides cut their witness list short by allowing only a select few to testify in the case. Additional victims and defense witnesses, though available, were not called in as expected.

Even with insurmountable evidence stacked against her, Maxwell, 59, stunningly pleaded not guilty to every charge lobbed at her, instead, planning to pin the entire thing on her dead ex-boyfriend, Epstein. She’s aghast at how all of this could’ve taken place without her knowledge. 

The shortened defense witness list has led to speculation that Maxwell may take the stand in her own defense. This would be a longshot gamble that bets are rarely placed on, but the one leg she’s standing on is getting wobbly so why not roll the dice. 

U.S. District Judge Alsion Nathan cannot call the defense to rest until Maxwell tells her with her own mouth whether she will or won’t. Far be it for us to call this a time-buying ploy that could take an indefinite period, but you can call it whatever you like.

Maxwell’s defense attorneys are claiming that federal prosecutors are scapegoating their client for crimes she didn’t commit, while at the same time they’re attempting to scapegoat Epstein for the crimes they know in reality, she’s guilty of. You might want to read that again.

Maxwell’s team has a different take on things and it all boils down to money. They’re saying Maxwell’s accusers are scheming against their client out of greed. Since dead men can’t talk and perverted child abusers won’t, Maxwell is about the only person around who can personally verify that what the women have shared is the truth and nothing but.

This is not to imply that Maxwell isn’t already buried under a mountain of other incriminating evidence, but it would be so much easier on everyone if she’d just cop a plea. At this point, all but one finger of her legal team is totally submerged underwater anyway. Maxwell is trying to pull an O.J. Simpson. Everybody knows she did it, including herself.

Unless her attorneys have a trick up their sleeves if Maxwell takes the stand all indicators say she’ll be crucified. So why would she do such a foolish thing? Here’s where the trial from hell could bust loose.

No properly bred English socialite desires to spend their life in a prison that can’t even recognize a decent cup of hot tea. Perish the thought. Perhaps… she wants to avoid all of that by wagging her tongue. Knowing she’s about to go down, maybe the time she knew would inevitably arrive has come and she wants to strike a beneficial deal for all concerned.

Though Maxwell would love to add what Epstein left behind to the enormously enormous mountain of her own money, she can get by without it. Her heart wouldn’t miss a beat. Not wishing to make any lifestyle adjustments, it’s probably well worth letting it go to remain a free woman. The book deal she’s sure to land will make up for it anyway. And probably then some…

If you’re willing to admit it, isn’t this what all of us would like to see happen? Nobody or not anything can erase the past. But consider this if she does fess up. The victims would be rightfully compensated beyond their wildest imaginations, Maxwell would move to a mountain top in France to never be heard from again, and the public would learn the names of every better than though wealthy elitist who disgustingly took advantage of the underage girls who Maxwell served up for their perverted pleasure.

Young girls with parents just like some of you reading this. Young girls who are forever scarred from flabby old pedophile men sweating all over them against their wills. Wealthy privileged perverts like less-than-a-man Prince Phillip who we’ve already learned of. Don’t ya wanna know?

More importantly, don’t you want to see justice served no matter whose name shows up on the list? We do.

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