Don’t Have COVID? You Might by the Time You’re Out of a California Hospital!


California screwed up big time. They were so focused on keeping everyone healthy that they got rid of all of their staff who refused to get the vaccine. Forget that they were good at their jobs. Forget that they were perfectly healthy. Simple refusal of the vaccine left to countless terminations across the hospitals in California.

Now, the state is facing serious staff shortages. Their solution? They’ll let the staff who are actively sick with COVID continue treating patients.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that “Faced with an exponential rise in COVID-19 cases across California, the state’s Department of Public Health now says that health care workers who test positive for the virus can remain on the job – at least through Feb. 1.”

You do realize how ridiculous this is, right?

According to the liberals in California, the virus is a serious threat. Not only are you not protected if you wear a mask but also if you’re fully vaccinated. It’s why social distancing is still required, and mandates are everywhere you go.

You can’t even eat indoors in Los Angeles County anymore. The whole thing is just nuts.

We keep hearing that the asymptomatic can still be contagious. But, none of that matters anymore because California has to keep its hospitals staffed. So, instead of allowing doctors and nurses to go home and quarantine, they’ll be allowed to keep working. And if they spread the virus to a few dozen patients a day, well, too bad.

As you can imagine, unions that represent the hospital staff are quite vocally opposing this new policy.

The state has absolutely no problem going into lockdown and making demands of everyone for the safety of society. Yet, they’ll also turn around and change those demands if it suits them. It’s the ultimate level of hypocrisy, yet what do we really expect from Governor Gavin Newsom?

California should have the lowest cases out of everyone based on the incredible mandates being pushed throughout the state. Yet, due to the highly contagious omicron variant, California is dealing with the worst surge since the very start of the pandemic.

Right now, they should be willing to accept any workers who are COVID-free. Yet, they’ll stand on their pedestals and demand that everyone is vaccinated. They’d rather allow COVID-positive individuals working on patients than those who have chosen to make a choice and not get the vaccine.

Hundreds of health care workers were either suspended, fired, or simply walked away and quit the moment that California began imposing the vaccine mandates last year. It’s left many hospitals and clinics extremely short-staffed.

And now, well, who knows. Not too many people who are sick are going to want to go to the hospitals if they know there’s a chance that the nurse taking their blood pressure or the doc cutting into them is sick with COVID. Being symptomatic or asymptomatic doesn’t matter. No one wants to take unnecessary risks and potentially get sick.

California is clearly showing the rest of the country what not to do. Meanwhile, Newsom has had no choice but to call in the National Guard to assist with testing for COVID across the state. It’s no wonder why so many California liberals are choosing to move out of the state…or at least vacation somewhere that isn’t so mandate-y and COVID-y.

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