Liberals Are Desperate to Pull Down Posters Mocking “Commie” Biden in Capitol

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Art has long been something to celebrate and admire, no matter what that arm form may look like. But apparently, the more liberal crowd in Washington, D.C., aren’t all that appreciative of some art that has been popping up all over the city in recent days.

One of the first to report on the newly displayed art was conservative communications professional Leigh Wolf. Wolf said he noticed the four different Soviet propaganda-style posters fixed to a wall in D.C on Saturday morning.

Naturally, he took a few pictures of the posters and posted them to social media, knowing that the artwork themselves likely wouldn’t last too long in liberal-led D.C.

He wrote, “Somebody put up this incredible street art in DC overnight. Knowing DC, it’ll be ripped down within hours….”

And he wasn’t wrong.

Just moments after posting the images, a woman showed up and proceeded to rip every poster down post-haste. Wolf videotaped her action and the brief conversation she had with him.

Wolf asked her why she was tearing down someone’s artwork. “Shouldn’t all art comply? I mean, I don’t understand. Is it affecting anyone for them to be up.?

The woman, clearly someone with a much more progressive mindset, immediately responded, “Yes, it’s a public health concern.” She then added, “It is dangerous. Propaganda is a tool. This is bulls***.”

So what did she think was so dangerous and a public health concern?

Well, basically, they all depict either Democratic President Joe Biden or his chief medical adviser, Dr. Anthony Fauci, in an unflattering light and mocking their COVID-19 efforts.

The first poster shows a very angry-looking Biden holding a hammer labeled “OSHA.” COVID vaccine-filled syringes are shooting out of the hammer and the word “comply” is written out as a border to the image, with each letter containing at least one more syringe.

The next piece of art shows Biden as a saint of sorts, with head encircled by a halo of syringes. In front of him stands several masked children. The caption reads, “Good kids are compliant kids.”

On the third poster, Biden is wearing his well-recognized Ray-Bans and holding onto the now-infamous image of the coronavirus atom, what looks like a spiky ball. The caption screams, “Mandate, Segregate, Subjugate.”

The last poster shows Fauci and not Biden. In the image, he is depicted as a priest of sorts, wearing robes and holding an oversized syringe. He, too, wears a halo, this one made of the symbol of an atom. Cash and masks are falling all around him, with the caption, “Trust the Scientism.”

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