China Practices Child Removal From Homes Where Parents or Child Are COVID Infected

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of different people and nations to do weird things to combat the spread of the virus. Almost every country forced people to wear masks and lock themselves up if they ever got sick. Others were forced to submit for vaccination against their will. But of all the wacky ideas out there, the worst comes from the mainland of China, where kids were forcefully removed from parents because they tested positive for the virus.

The battleground was Hong Kong. It is where the virus is running through the population by the thousands. The Chinese communist government has kept the city on strict lockdown procedures. Still, the Omicron Variant has proven more challenging to contain, which has led to the officials snatching up kids, hoping to keep them from getting sick.

Hong Kong officials are under communist control. And they believe that they have the power to control a virus even though infection numbers dictate a different story. But they make the bold claim that they are not the ones that created the virus even though there is evidence that says otherwise. The Chinese government is solely responsible for the COVID-19 virus. It was developed in one of their labs and then systematically released worldwide.

But the issue now is that officials are taking children because they or their parents are infected. Siddharth Sridhar is a microbiologist at the University of Hong Kong. She has stated that “If a child requires hospitalisation (sic) due to Covid, it should be made possible for one parent to stay in the same room unless the child’s condition is very serious.” But the parents know full well that parents are not being allowed to accompany the kids. They are left alone, fearing what is happening to them and crying that their parents are not allowed to be with them.

In one instance, a child was taken from her parents, and they were forced to stay away. For over a week, the child was let alone not understanding what had been happening to her. The girl’s parents are at the hospital and sleeping on the hallway floor, hoping to get a glimpse of their daughter. All that the child has been allowed is a video call. The child is only 11-months old and has been reported screaming for her mother repeatedly. But the doctors still will not let the child see her mother.

Kunj Gandhi is an administrator on Facebook. She stated that “Many (parents) tried to fight or rationalize it but in the end had to make the heartbreaking decision of leaving their child in hospital so the child could get the treatment he/she needs.”

Thousands of parents are worried about their kids, and they are not being allowed to see their kids. All calls to the hospital and health officials are being ignored. But there is no doubt that the Chinese communists are up to questionable behavior with how they are treating parents and children.

The sad part about the problem is that the virus is nothing more than a bad cold at this stage in developing the viral strains. Omicron is not as bad as the other variants. And the fact that the city reportedly went almost two years without a problem with COVID and now is embracing for the worst.

China has a history of treating people horribly when it suits their needs. People have been known to disappear without warning, and political activists are treated as criminals. All outside communications with the world are strictly monitored, so only communist-approved material is released for reading.

Parents have had to put up with constantly changing rules worldwide. American parents had to face the wrath of teachers early on when distance learning got started. Liberal teachers came under fire because of the liberal poison they dumped all over the kids. And then, the teachers would get mad at the parents for monitoring their child’s learning time. COVID-19 has revealed the evil of communism and Democrats through the way they have treated people.

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