Colorado Governor Soliciting Teens From Texas With New Abortion Bill

Getting Rocky Mountain high is no longer the biggest attraction in Colorado. Now the state is on the quest to become known for its unfettered access to abortions. Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed this new bill into effect on April 4th in the evening, giving women the fundamental right to things like contraception, abortion, and other forms of what they consider reproductive healthcare.

This kind of move is being done to jump the gun on a review of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. This ruling inevitably goes toe-to-toe with the viability standard established in Roe v. Wade. Governor Polis seems to think he can solve the problem by making Colorado home for unwed women looking for a way out. That they can just hand people the opportunity to run away from their responsibilities and do whatever they want.

In a statement, Gov. Polis proclaimed “In the State of Colorado, the serious decision to start or end a pregnancy with medical assistance will remain between a person, their doctor, and their faith. Access to abortion and reproductive health care is currently under attack across the nation. Impending federal court cases, including Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization…jeopardize access to legal abortion care for tens of millions of people, particularly those living in most Southern and Midwestern states.”

This kind of message is not the one the American people need. Thankfully Republican governors like in Texas are stepping up to put a stop to all these games. With laws that would be enacted if Roe v. Wade is reversed, and other laws that restrict the gestation period. The inevitable response of blue states like New York, New Jersey, and Colorado to ensure they were protected happened faster than the lawyers could type.

In NY back in 2019, Gov. Cuomo signed a law, making abortion a right and ending any and all fetus laws. NJ Gov. Phil Murphy’s very similar law was signed off on back this January. These kinds of laws go to challenge the laws and previous rulings to keep putting babies at risk and being forced to go through unnecessary trauma.

In Dobbs v. Jackson, the case on the high court docket revolves around a Mississippi law banning abortions after 15 weeks. This is the point where the heartbeat is typically detected. This makes the argument of fetal viability at 28 weeks needs to be reconsidered. If it becomes redefined it would completely undo the 1973 landmark ruling for abortions. This would then make it up to the state legislatures to decide.

With the Texas heartbeat law, there is an enforcement clause that allows doctors to be sued by private citizens for conducting abortions before the fetal heartbeat is detected. This kind of law has put abortion rights activists into a corner, and in essence, making them impossible to receive in Texas.

By opening the door to tourist abortions, Colorado is welcoming people from Texas and other red states who are making plans to ensure abortions stay as difficult to get as ever before. Making this kind of move isn’t too surprising from Colorado, but they aren’t doing anything to preserve their freedoms or to help the American people with this move.

Instead, they are just punishing the unborn for their parent’s careless decisions and providing a service that isn’t necessary. As a nation, we have more people looking to adopt than ever before. Abortion is like suicide, a permanent solution for a temporary problem. If people were more open with their partners and their parents, they wouldn’t be in this position.

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