Nevada Residents Are Sick of Liberals, Starting to See Red…

Nevada has faced a lot of lockdowns. And it’s no surprise that a Democratic governor runs the state. Most of the state is blue, which explains quite a bit of what happens. And many of the largest cities are blue as well.

Nevada residents have become more and more upset with the way their state is run. They are tired of being told that the state knows more about what their kids need in school. They are tired of being told that the pandemic is still an issue. And the list of their discontent goes on and on.

Many residents are so mad that they’re starting to see red. They’re so ready for a change that they’re happy to vote red, too. And that’s good news for the GOP because it’s yet another state that can help to contribute to the red wave that has already begun to flow from coast to coast.

The Democrats have actually been so arrogant that they thought that they could impose socialist agendas and progressive ideas into their communities with little to no pushback. They stopped listening to constituents who were all but yelling that they didn’t want these agendas anywhere near them.

And now, the Democrats will have to pay the ultimate price.

They’re already set to lose seats. The House is a hot mess – and many of the Democrats have chosen to retire because they know just how much of a mess they have made of their party.

The Senate is where we really need to focus our time and energy since there is a 50-50 split. And with Kamala Harris as the tie-breaker, it basically means that the liberals have the edge, at least for now.

We’ve seen where some of the most exciting races are happening, including Georgia with Herschel Walker and Pennsylvania with Dr. Oz.

We can’t forget about Nevada, though. We have to pay close attention to what’s happening in this state because it seems that the Democrats have learned their lesson. They’ve seen how liberal leadership behaves, and they’re desperate for not only a change but also an improvement. And that’s when it’s time to start voting red.

A poll that was conducted by Suffolk County/USA Today for the U.S. Senate race in Nevada shows that Catherine Cortez Masto, the Democratic incumbent, isn’t doing too well. When she’s paired against Adam Laxalt, a Republican, she could lose by a 3% lead. When paired against Sam Brown, another Republican, Masto would lose by a 1% lead.

Either way, if Masto loses, it could be an interesting path for Nevada. First, they lose a Democratic hold in the Senate. Then, it’s only a matter of time before they start to vote red in other ways – House members, city councils, and even the governor.

The Democrats thought they had turned Nevada blue for good. But that’s when they got cocky. They thought that they could do whatever without the voters saying anything.

The voters will demand that their voices be heard in November – and we believe that it’s going to be a red wave once again.

When will the Democrats figure it out? They have to change course if they want to win. However, we’re fine if they keep traveling down the path that they’re on now. It makes it easier for them to be taken out by the red wave that is already in motion.

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