Trump Responds to 2024 Possibility… He Says You’ll be “Happy”

It’s been a question since the day Democrat Joe Biden was announced as president: Will Donald Trump run for office again? Of course, this came after the idea that the election could somehow be reversed and Biden kicked out of the Oval Office.

And to this day, the answer has always been the same. Basically, there’s a great possibility.

As for Donald Trump, he’s been wise in constantly putting off the question, only hinting that it’s not completely out of the question. However, there have also been rumors that he could put his hat in the ring to be Speaker of the House of Representatives instead.

Now, to most of you, that might sound a little unpractical. After all, it’s not like Trump is or ever has been an official part of Congress. But according to experts and all known documentation on the requirements of the Speaker position, that’s not necessary.

What is required if that he is nominated to be the Speaker by at least one member of the House and then, given that he accepts the nomination, receives a majority vote by all House members present at the time of the vote.

To say it’s more than possible is definitely true. Florida Republican Representative Matt Gaetz has, in fact, already announced that should Trump want such a position, he would be the first to nominate him. And with the November midterms coming up, in which a substantial Democratic loss is predicted, the majority of the House would switch to the GOP, increasing Trump’s chances of success by a long shot.

But would he accept such a position?

Again, Trump has been very noncommittal with his responses to such questioning. However, he does seem to imply that this isn’t exactly the career path he has in mind.

When asked about it recently during a phone interview with radio host and author Wayne Allyn Root, Trump was even told that he was needed for such a position, especially given that he could then successfully facilitate the impeachment of not only Joe Biden but also his second in command, Kamala Harris.

And if you didn’t know, that would then open the doors for Trump himself to retake the Oval Office, as the Speaker of the House is third in line for that seat.

But Trump was once again unwilling to go into much detail about why he would or wouldn’t take the Speaker position.

Instead, he seemed far more focused on the question of possibly running for the White House itself again, to no one’s surprise.

As I mentioned above, it’s always been a question, and one Trump has been unwilling to answer. The only thing he will say on the matter are things like when the time comes, and an announcement is made, “you’re going to be very happy.”

Not exactly a concrete answer, is it?

Then again, we can’t blame him for that – at least not yet. Numerous Trump insiders, including his son Eric Trump, have noted that announcing a presidential bid too early could have some rather disastrous effects, and not just for Trump himself.

As I mentioned, the November midterms are fast approaching. And it is expected that at least one, if not both legislative houses will be flipped to a GOP majority. However, that doesn’t mean the Republican Party can lay back and just expect the win. Instead, they should still work hard to get as many votes as possible and not let anything hinder their predicted success.

And that includes Trump.

The 45th president must understand that, knowing that not all GOP members are fans and that announcing a presidential run before such an election could destroy some of the good vibes the party has going.

Secondly, the earlier such an announcement is made, the more time the Democratic Party and any Trump opposition would have to launch an attack that could possibly ruin his chances or even the GOP’s at regaining the White House.

Then again, as several Democratic strategists have implied, it will take the strongest of nominees to beat Trump, and at the moment, that’s something they simply don’t have.


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