Biden Attempts To Silence Parkland Shooting Victim’s Father During Gun Law Speech

For someone who has a lot to say about school shootings, gun violence, and other earmarks of the liberal agenda, President Biden cannot handle it when he is confronted with it face to face. During a speech on July 11th, he had to face one of his biggest opponents to his speech ever, Manuel Oliver – the father of one of the victims in the 2018 Parkland School shooting.

Oliver has been incredibly vocal to CNN and anyone else who will listen that the current gun control Biden is passing doesn’t go far enough in his eyes. Fed up with not truly being heard, he took his message right to Biden’s podium, and Biden responded…well as one would assume Biden would. As Oliver called him out mid-speech, he didn’t act Presidential in his response, rather he treated him like trash.

“Sit down. You’ll hear what I have to say!!” Biden’s response was quickly tempered almost as if he had a senior moment and suddenly remembered who he is and where he was. “Let me finish my comments. Let him talk. Let him talk.”

This kind of flip-flop in his message is the same mindset many liberals accuse President Trump of having. The difference is that Trump was just unpolished. He hasn’t been a career politician, nor has he spent this kind of time around politics, to begin with. Meanwhile, President Biden has been doing this for a long time and politics has been his source of employment for decades. More and more President Biden is showcasing just how badly his mind is starting to go, and that is not good for the American people.

Generations of Americans have often called the role of President of the United States a puppet role. That you are just there to do the bidding of someone else. With President Biden, this is starting to seem much less like a possibility, and more like a certainty.

When Oliver came to bring his fight to Biden’s feet, he knew exactly the kind of argument he was there to make. With 62% of Americans backing his opinion, many surveyed believe that this gun bill doesn’t go far enough. They believe that there needs to be more done to eliminate gun violence. It’s as if they expect there to be some magic law that will suddenly make people do the right thing and not be so quick to grab their guns.

However, the recent assassination of Japan’s former prime minister Shinzo Abe showed, those who wish to do harm will do so with or without access to firearms by walking into a store that specializes in them. This grand idea that making new gun laws will make it harder for criminals is just a horrifically ill-informed mindset.

Even so, President Biden thinks that more can and should be done. As he signed the new bill, he shared his views about these new laws. “While this bill doesn’t do everything I want, it does include actions I’ve long called for that are going to save lives. Today, we say more than ‘enough.’ We say more than enough. This time, when it seems impossible to get anything done in Washington, we are doing something consequential.”

The passing of Oliver’s son and anyone else’s children due to gun violence is a horrific thing to have to endure. Nobody should ever have to bury their child. It’s just not how life works. Unfortunately, sometimes death doesn’t occur when it should, and evil doesn’t play by the rules. When evil chooses to lurk out from the shadows, the law-abiding shouldn’t have a harder time arming themselves than the criminals.

Instead, they should be able to easily counter evil with the striking hammer of justice. It isn’t a hard concept to understand. It’s just one Democrats have a hard time accepting.

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