After Nearly Starting Another War, Why Did Pelosi Go to Taiwan?

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), used her infinite wisdom to decide on taking a trip to Taiwan while visiting Asia on August 3rd. While never publicly admitting she was going, given it being listed on her itinerary from April when she was originally supposed to visit (delayed by COVID), it was an obvious stop.

When originally planned, the relations between China and Taiwan were distressed, but they weren’t hovering on the edge of violence as they have been now. This ramp-up in rhetoric between these nations got the US quickly wrapped up in their talks as well. With people like President Biden poking his nose in their public statements as well, it only enraged China. So on the 4th of August, China’s ambassador, Qin Gang found himself at the White House under protest.

The very next day, China closed the door to cooperation talks with the US on global issues like the climate crisis, anti-drug efforts, and the military.

A rift like this between two superpowers that are so deeply intertwined is never a good thing. China owns a sizable chunk of the American debt via bonds. In turn, American companies like Apple, Ford, and Nike are reliant on China and Taiwan for labor and parts. Should one end of these trade roads stop working with the other there would become a massive glut in the markets, and this glut could easily be big enough to crash the global economy.

These reasons and the atrocities Taiwan are facing is why Pelosi claims she went to Taiwan. A sense of the greater good and trying to stay informed about their fights for their rights. While an incredibly noble position, it just doesn’t add up for most people.

One commonly held belief is that she sees the writing on the wall. She knows that come November she’ll be handing the gavel over, and with be leaving the Speaker’s chair and quite possibly the House altogether. She ensured the meetings were televised in Taiwan, which means leadership in Beijing certainly has seen them. Especially by now. Nothing like lighting a match before walking out of a tinderbox.

Another theory also has to do with her drunk-driving husband Paul. Recently he announced the purchase of thousands of shares in a company called NVIDIA. Headquartered in Taiwan, they have chip plants across Asia, and those chips were the main reason for her Congressional group to be along on this trip. This theory is one of the most damming, and one of the most held.

Pelosi has been known to do what she wants when she wants, how she wants, and nobody will dare step up to her publicly in a manner to completely call her on everything. It’s always just a bit of this or a bit of that. She’s the version of Hillary Clinton that Hillary wishes she was but knows she can never be.

All in all, this was an incredibly dumb, poorly informed, and selfish visit. When even President Biden is claiming that the trip is “not a good idea right now,” you have to know you are making a boneheaded move. The king of bicycle tipping should not be calling anybody out for saying or doing something foolish or making America look weak. He is already doing that better than anyone else in the political business.

The initiative by Pelosi to also go through with this after the President said not to also is a big sign of just how broken his Presidency has made the party. When you cannot even herd people on the same team to a vote because you are including too much of the wrong stuff and want to fight about it, you have failed. Not just as President, but as a man, and a politician. Pelosi is just making that failure more widely known and weakens us as a country as well.

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