Despite Horrific Inflation and Growing Concerns of Our Own, Biden Sending Ukraine the Biggest Aid Package Yet

Mondays are always the best days for an administration to announce surprising, inflammatory, or nonsensical news to the American people. Among the news stories for August 8th was the announcement that President Biden had yet again agreed to give more funding to Ukraine, so they could fight the Russians off longer and with more force than they have been using to date.

Strangely, this comes not very long after China starts sending tanks to Russia for a war games contest that is supposed to also include Iran, India, Kazakhstan, and other questionable nations. This was also just 24 hours or so before North Korea offers the Russians 100k troops to fight the Ukrainians.

How strange that two nations the US has been having the most problems with are now rattling their sabers by supporting our opposition.

Within the aid package Biden has bestowed ammunition for artillery rocket systems, munitions for surface-to-air missile systems, explosives, armored medical vehicles, and medical supplies, per a press release from Acting Pentagon Press Secretary Todd Breasseale. This aid package is expected to make a major difference in the fighting.

Including this latest package, the US has now sent over $9.8 billion in aid since President Biden took office. This doesn’t include the hundreds of millions if not billions in humanitarian aid that have also been sent over. Despite the ongoing issues with Russia and Ukraine for years now, it just so happens that the tipping point happens with Biden in office. What strange timing.

According to the Department of Defense estimates, Russia has suffered between 70 and 80 thousand casualties since the invasion began six months ago. This is accounting for those who were wounded and left the battlefield, not just the casualties. No official estimate of the lost Ukrainians has come in; however, it is expected that the figure has tapered as the conflict has gone on.

Conflicts like these are incredibly costly for all involved. Unlike Afghanistan or Iraq, the US has no real agenda here or the ability to gain anything either way. This is simply sticking up for the smaller country, the weakling, to ensure they have the same right to survival that this country has tried to promise every other nation across the globe. By doing this, Biden is fulfilling the promise of our forefathers. Or is he?

Given the documents that have come out about President Biden, his son Hunter, and the failed interest in Ukrainian natural gas, the steep involvement of the US makes sense. While Joe has been trying to toe the line to avoid violating NATO rules, he has shaved it very close on a few occasions. The more he does the more suspicious it looks.

For the better part of the last decade, the Russians have had some part of involvement in the US and our politics. From allegations of being involved in the 2016 and 2020 elections to this conflict in Ukraine, none of their interactions with the US have been positive. While the investigations have turned up either no evidence of Republican collusion or stringent collusion with Democrats, their involvement in any way is not a good thing for the American people.

In both instances, it has served as a smoke screen while things were being done behind these major stories that only tightened the Democrat’s grip on the American people. They would further demonize the Republican agenda while simultaneously doing the very things they were being accused of. This use of the situation is something the Democrats have become experts in, so having President Biden continue to support, fund, and push this conflict with Russia is just another feather in his cap.

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