Murderous Prosecutor Defies Law and Seeks To Sue Governor Ron DeSantis Because He Lost His Job

The Democrats lost their minds after the Supreme Court overturned the Roe vs. Wade case. They could not believe that a law that allowed people to murder their unborn children was struck down, and the issue passed back to the individual states to decide what course of action was right. They could not fathom that there were people that believed an unborn child has the right to live.

The Supreme Court’s decision gave the states the power to decide what was legal. The Democratic-controlled states would begin to pass laws allowing abortion, while Republican states would ban the practice on varying levels. And liberal officials living in Republican states would soon find themselves in conflict with the law because they could not bring themselves to obey it even though they forced everyone to accept abortion for decades under federal law.

Andrew Warren was the Hillsborough County State Attorney until Governor Ron DeSantis suspended him. Warren was suspended because he could not bring himself to obey the new state laws on abortion or those laws that keep kids from having to suffer through liberal indoctrination centering around transgender rights.

The governor revealed that Warren’s suspension came after he signed his name to a pledge that he would never prosecute any person violating state laws governing abortion or those wanting to abuse their kids by forcing them to undergo gender assignment surgery.

Newsbreak reported that Warren’s lawsuit states, “DeSantis’s Order does not identify any actual conduct by Warren related to his official duties involving alleged criminal activity for seeking gender-affirming healthcare or abortion. DeSantis’s Order does not identify any other conduct by Warren or other reason sufficient to justify a suspension.”

The Floridian governor has kept the state of Florida free from the oppression of liberal ideology. Democrats want to allow people to murder their unborn children and surgically slaughter their other kids that want to explore living as a member of the opposite sex. They cannot accept that not every state will agree with their dangerous and unethical beliefs.

Warren was suspended from his job, not because of his personal beliefs but because he signed a pledge to stand against the law and not show favoritism to those willing to violate the law. The former State Attorney for Hillsborough County flat-out neglected his duty and willingly chose to stand against the new laws.

Warren admitted that he had brainwashed his young son into believing DeSantis was some tyrant. He accused the governor of trying to rig the elections and keep them from being fair. He had mentioned that his son even sees the truth. But the truth he sees revolves around what his criminal father is filling his head with.

The suspension has nothing to do with personal beliefs. It has everything to do with his refusal of Warren to do his job. He just could not put his personal feelings aside and tolerate the changes in Florida.

Newsbreak also reported that the lawsuit accuses the governor of violating Warren’s constitutional rights to state his views. But the issue does not center around his personal beliefs but rather his willingness to do his job without showing favoritism to one group of people over another.

Jean-Jacques Cabou is Warren’s lawyer. Cabou stated, “The First Amendment protects the right of elected officials to speak out on matters of public controversy, and in fact, it does so because it’s so important that the voters who choose these elected officials know where they stand on these issues.”

Warren is free to voice his opinion. But he is not free to refuse a job he was elected to do. He is not supposed to show favoritism to any party violating the law. He is supposed to prosecute to the full extent of the law. And should he be unable or unwilling to do his job, he has every right to step aside and let someone else do it for him. Governor DeSantis just helped him make the right choice.

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