DHS Issues Warning of Racially Motivated Copycat Attacks

The Democratic Party has shown that it favors high crime rates over law and order. They hate the idea of police agencies having the ability to intervene and put a stop to those that would break the law. The liberals need high crime rates to justify their attempts to seize authoritative power and nullify certain rights that all Americans have.

The reluctance of the Democrats to support law enforcement agencies has led to many people thinking that they can engage in illegal activity. And now that criminals are taking advantage of the anti-police sentiments coming from Washington, the liberals trashing the federal government wants law enforcement agencies to be on alert for copycat events.

The event in question involved a teenager that thought it would be a good idea to attack a supermarket in New York, killing ten people. The teen wanted to teach others how to commit similar acts of violence in other places around the country. And at the same time, the teen wrote a manual on committing the same act of violence.

CBS News reported that the “The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), FBI, and the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) assessed that a 180-page manifesto and 672-page online diary written by the alleged gunman and ‘intended to serve as a manual for future attackers’ will ‘likely enhance the capabilities of potential mass casualty shooters who may be inspired by this attack.’”

The sad part is the liberals cannot seem to understand why so many people are willing to engage in such violent behaviors. CBS News also reported that “Federal law enforcement officials warn that ‘it is difficult to assess specific indicators that are indicative of US-based violent extremists’ intent to commit violence at home or abroad’ due in part to the ‘personal nature of radicalization and calls to violence. But authorities have identified red flags including ‘explicit discussion and praise of the Buffalo attacker’s specific [tactics] in online spaces’ and ‘unusual purchase of military-style tactical equipment.’”

They admit that they do not know why so many teens and young adults want to commit mass murder. They seem happy about being able to monitor such behaviors and identify their following targets. Still, they do not have the motivation to try and change the heart of young minds being educated under the liberal ideology that life is not worth living for.

Liberal authorities are concerned that the continuation of these events will inspire other people to engage in acts of terrorism for no apparent reason. They are not willing to look at their philosophy on life as the reason so many people no longer have hope and are willing to end it all by killing innocent people.

The book left after the event that rocked a Buffalo, New York supermarket was intended to instruct others on how to acquire and plan future attacks. It talks about how to get the material needed to mass murder people, how to change weapons to make them more effective, and even how to select targets to maximize the kill ratio.

The Buffalo shooter was a person that believed his color was superior to the ones that he aimed at. The liberal ideology and current indoctrination curriculum teach young minds that skin color dictates their level in society. Democrats want a segregated society to push their socialist ways on people.

America is a nation built on the idea that every person is equal and can have the same opportunity for success in life as any other person alive. But the Democrats do not want to teach that fundamental truth. Their teachings rob people of hope and the desire to live because they are being told that they will never amount to anything in life.

The Democrats do not have a clue as to how destructive their teachings have become. Their clueless take on why violence continues to increase shows how self-centered the party has grown. America is the one place where people can live free and enjoy life. But they must stop believing the lies of the Democrats to make that life possible.

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