Oil Transfer Company Tries to Skirt Making Payments to American Drillers

There does not seem to be an end to the horrible treatment that oil producers have to endure at the hands of people who want to victimize them for producing oil for their fellow Americans. President Joe Biden has done his best to halt the contracts that allow drillers to operate. His selfish actions have crippled the country and dragged it down from independent of foreign oil to relying on international sources for power.

The efforts to cripple the country seem to be mounting as there does not seem to be enough money for domestic producers and operators to pay their bills. The president’s lack of patriotism and willingness to work for Americans has led to the Supreme Court getting involved in a case between a pipeline operator and oil-well owners.

Energy Transfer LP’s Sunoco petitioned a request with the Supreme Court to block a lower court’s effort to make them pay $155 million of money they owe to 53,000 oil-well owners around the southwest. Sunoco has failed to pay the interest on payments they have failed to pay, and now they want the Supreme Court to intervene and overrule the lower court’s ruling making them pay their debts.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch is the justice that handles that area of the country. He flat-out denied Sunoco’s request and moved to enforce the lower court’s ruling. The transfer company wanted extra time to challenge the lower court’s ruling from 2020. The company wants to stiff the 53,000 oil-well owners’ money they need to make a living.

Sunoco believes that they will not have enough time to mount a defense before the money is collected and sent to the people they owe money. The lower court ruled, and now Sunoco has to own up to its obligations of paying its debts.

The concept of paying back one’s debt is an American trait. One person borrows money from another and pays it back in good faith with some interest. It is a socialist mentality that wants to get out of making payments and ultimately cancel debt for people that owe money. But Justice Neil Gorsuch saw right through it and decided to stand with American drillers.

The Supreme Court bench could still hear Sunoco’s attempt to subvert its obligation. But for the time being, Gorsuch is protecting American drillers from having to wait for the money that is rightfully due to them.
Perry Cline is the farmer that first filed suit against Sunoco and their inability to make good on their financial agreements. The transfer company bought oil from the drillers and then sold it for a profit. The company then failed to pay the interest owed to the drillers for failure to pay payments promptly.

Reuters reported that “Cline accused Sunoco of violating an Oklahoma law called the Production Revenue Standards Act by failing for years to pay well owners statutory interest on late payments it made on oil proceeds. Under that law, companies that purchase crude oil from well owners and then provide payment late must also pay interest.”

Judge John Gibney was the one to rule against Sunoco and their argument of ignorance. The company knew fully that it owed money and decided not to pay its obligations. They hoped people would overlook their actions and wait to get their money. But the current Biden-produced economy demands that people pay timely to avoid hurting others that need their money to live.

Reuters also found and reported that “Gibney found that Sunoco ‘simply keeps the money for its own use, knowing two things: that most owners will not request interest, and that eventually the owners’ potential claims will die at the hands of the statute of limitations.’” The company claimed to have the policy to pay its obligations only if the driller asked for it. Everyone else was left out in the cold, wondering where the money was.

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