Cuomo Files a Complaint Against NY AG

You all remember Andrew Cuomo, right? You know, the former liberal New York Governor who was pretty much forced to resign due to sexual harassment accusations?

Well, apparently, he’s none too happy with being forced out of office. And so, he’s filing an official complaint against the office of the woman who led the investigation into him.

Yep, he’s that bitter and vain.

The 48-page complaint was filed on Tuesday with the Attorney Grievance Committee against New York Attorney General Letitia “Tish” James. The committee has the power to disbar New York lawyers should they be deserving of such.

I’m sure Cuomo would like nothing more than to get James disbarred for ruining his career.

The only thing is that he is the one who ruined it, not James.

Now, to be clear, I’m not much of a fan of James. As New York’s district attorney and now attorney general, she has launched multiple investigations into former President Donald Trump. Her opinion is that Trump has not been honest or fair with his taxes or business endeavors, so she’s aiming to prove as much.

My complaint with her is not she launched the investigation into Trump, so to speak. If there is something wrong going on, justice should be served. My issue is that the study has gone on for years now. And yet, she refuses to give up, despite evidence that shows nothing amiss.

And that makes her intentions not so much about justice as politically smearing Trump’s name and credibility.

As it turns out, this is exactly what Cuomo is alleging she did against him, as well.

According to Cuomo and his complaint, James’ investigation into him was politically motivated to oust him. And so, the allegations against him were drastically inflated. Cuomo also brings James’ investigators, Joon Kim and Anne Clark, into the complaint.

“James issued a report, with the assistance of her hand-picked investigators Mr. Kim and Ms. Clark, that was grossly misleading and purposefully omitted critical information that was inconsistent with credible allegations of sexual harassment.”

Basically, he’s saying that while he might have acted untoward with women surrounding his office, he doesn’t believe it was as bad as James’ investigation says it was or that it should have cost him his job. And so, the whole thing must have been politically motivated.

It is important to note at this point that James is one thought to be climbing the political ladder, making her way to the Governor’s mansion. In fact, no small number of critics have assumed that she may have tried to oust Cuomo in an effort to get there sooner.

And while she was not chosen as his immediate replacement, her name is still suggested as one who could run for the seat in the future.

So maybe there is some truth to that. Besides, given what appears to be a politically motivated probe into Trump, it’s not hard to imagine her doing so.

Then again, this could just be Cuomo trying to regain some sort of respect and credibility as he attempts to reenter the political stage and spotlight.

Over the months since his resignation from office, he has seemed to float between making a comeback and not. Currently, this complaint, as well as a lawsuit filed last month against James, sure makes it appear the former is at work.

His recent run of ads on Facebook only makes this more likely.

No, he’s not trying to really run for any particular office at present. However, as the ads using phrases like “Cuomo’s resignation is #MeToo excess, not success” seem to suggest, it’s definitely an effort to rebrand himself in a better light – one that’s not known as a sexual offender.

Not only is his future in politics at stake, but also as a lawyer. A complaint against Cuomo was recently brought to the same committee he filed against James.

It is unclear at this point what the committee will do with either complaint.

But James’ office is holding to their investigation results, saying that Cuomo’s resignation had nothing to do with politics. Instead, it was a direct result of his disgusting and inappropriate behaviors.

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