Chip Roy Demands Transparency on FBI Affidavit

The FBI affidavit that allowed agents to enter and search Trump’s home has been released. However, it has been heavily redacted, which means that even members of Congress don’t really know what’s on it.

What were they looking for? Why didn’t they just go with a subpoena before taking such aggressive tactics as searching a former president’s home?

We live in a world where transparency is the only way to guarantee that a group is acting in the best interests of the masses. When there isn’t transparency, it leads to questions. As the doubt grows, we wonder what they want to cover up and why they don’t want to let us see everything.

This is where Republican Representative Chip Roy of Texas is at. “What in the hell are my colleagues afraid of in seeing the full unredacted version?”

Roy has asked this question during the House Judiciary Hearing. He wants Democrats to stand firmly with Republicans to demand that the full affidavit is available so that they can see what allowed the FBI to investigate Trump.

Is this some kind of witch hunt that is politically led or is there a valid reason for wanting to search Trump’s home? We won’t know until there is full transparency – and the FBI seems to be hell-bent in preventing that from happening.

If everything is on the up and up, members of Congress should be able to review the full affidavit that led to getting a search warrant.

Roy pulled on his background of being a former federal prosecutor and said that he respects the men and women who go after the bad guys. He also says that the House Judiciary Committee needs to be concerned about the centralized power inside of the FBI that may be used to target American citizens.

“The American people right now are tired of seeing the power of government being used against them.”

He hit the nail on the head with this comment. And this should be a bipartisan issue. Every member of the House Judiciary Committee should be concerned that the FBI was able to search a home without providing an unredacted version of the affidavit to them.

How much power does the FBI really have? Right now, it looks like they have more power than the House Judiciary Committee. So, who is calling the shots? Who is telling the FBI that they don’t have to offer transparency?

Republicans seem to be the only ones asking the questions. We know that the Justice Department allegedly retrieved classified documents from Trump’s property in Florida that were meant to be left at the White House.

What we don’t know is what led to the raid – and why it was necessary to take such action against a former president.

It seems as though Attorney General Merrick Garland has weaponized the Justice Department against Biden’s rival for 2024 – and that is an impeachable offense. Remember, Trump was impeached for questioning Biden’s actions in Ukraine – and we haven’t even been able to get a full FBI investigation of Hunter Biden yet.

Trump and his attorneys have also asked for the full affidavit to be released.

Chip Roy continues to voice his concerns. He said that seeing the affidavit will allow them to do their job as oversight duty. If there’s concern about the oversight, they could march down to the FBI facility now and look at the unredacted version.

We’re still waiting to see what allowed the FBI into Mar-a-Lago. Bits and pieces become unsealed, but it’s obvious that they’re not wanting to offer us transparency – and that’s the real issue that we’re dealing with here.

It’s clearly not a simple case. But something’s being hidden if they don’t even want to show members of Congress.

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