Abortion Bans Starting To Take Hold Across America

Pro-life supporters continue celebrating decades of work to finally see the day when the Roe v. Wade case was overturned. The Supreme Court did what was right constitutionally and returned to matter for the people to decide at the state level. The Federal Government has no business forcing people to accept liberal beliefs based on their control of the government.

Roe v. Wade was a shaming case where the liberals forced their political agenda on the people by abusing the judicial system. They wanted liberals to be able to kill their unborn child anywhere in America. And it did not matter to them what people were forced to accept their selfish desires along the way. When the Supreme Court overturned the previous decision, things were set right again, and the people had their voices back.

It did not take long for Republican-run states to pass laws forbidding the practice of abortion on various levels. The state of Indiana was one of those states that would take the time to draft a bill making it illegal to kill an unborn child. The new law is scheduled to go into force later in September.

The new law in Indiana forbids abortion except in extreme cases of rape, incest, and other medical issues. And even under those circumstances, the pathway to aborting a child is narrow and hard to navigate.

WEKU News reported that “Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb, a Republican, issued a statement soon after lawmakers approved the bill saying he was signing it into law as part of a promise he’d made ‘to support legislation that made progress in protecting life.’ Holcomb said the law includes ‘carefully negotiated exceptions to address some of the unthinkable circumstances a woman or unborn child might face.’”

The ACLU and Planned Parenthood love to call themselves reproductive rights agencies. They fight for the right of the woman to choose her fate when it comes to pregnancy. But they fail miserably to fight for the right of the baby to live.

The woman has the choice to engage in baby-making activities long before the child is conceived. But once that child is conceived, that baby has a choice, and no one should be able to silence its voice.

The horrible nature of the pro-abortion groups is seen in a statement released by Whole Woman’s Health of South Bend. WEKU News reported that they stated they would no longer be able to run their clinics to help “support to all who seek abortion services, and to continue its activism and organizing to roll back cruel, unjust anti-abortion laws.”

Planned Parenthood is also complaining about the new law. Tamarra Wieder, the state director for the murderous organization, mentioned that women do not have abortion access in the surrounding states because of similar laws passed by those states.

Her statement gives a glimpse of how abortion laws are going to be split. Red states will ban the practice, while the liberal states will promote abortion. Any person wanting to kill their child will have to travel to a blue state to get out of being pregnant.

The nasty side of the Democratic Party comes out when they are forced to fight to keep their evil laws. Pro-choice supporters are known to threaten and hurt people that do not agree with their views.

The state of Indiana has set off a wave effect that is helping other conservative states adopt their version of anti-abortion laws. West Virginia is working on its version, which is slated to go into law once the governor signs the bill.

The liberals are a dirty group of people that believe everyone should be forced to adopt their belief system. President Joe Biden and others within his party are not shy about forcing people to comply with their wishes.

The president wants nothing more than to turn America into a socialist state where the government makes all the decisions as to what is right and wrong. He wants to force people to accept his way of thinking and punish those that would stand up against him.

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