Breaking: Revelation About Seized Documents Ready To Rock Democratic Claims

The attack on former President Donald Trump’s home has left a lot of questions about the direction President Joe Biden is taking America. The unsolicited attack on Mar-a-Lago portrays a deliberate overreach of power purposely designed to keep Trump from being a positive influence in America.

The documents taken from Trump’s home are now the focus of the illegal search and seizure. The former president’s lawyer has been trying to gain access to what was taken but has been denied access because the documents are supposedly classified. The agency claims national harm can happen if the documents fall into the wrong hands.

The problem that the Justice Department has not considered is personal notes on the documents they are not supposed to read. The Democrats cannot seem to find a way to hold possible charges over a man with impeccable character.

According to Business Insider, Trump’s lawyers wrote in a court filing that “The fact the documents contain classification markings does not necessarily negate privilege claims,” some of the documents “allegedly contain what appear to be President Trump’s handwritten notes.” and “Those notes could certainly contain privileged information; further supporting the need for an independent, third-party review of these documents.”

Trump’s lawyers were able to get a court to let the documents be reviewed to determine if they were classified or not. What was found was that 11,000 documents were taken and only about 100 of those were marked classified. But the Justice Department was not done fighting dirty and got an appeals court to stop the review. They cannot stand to have their ace in the hole destroyed so close to the midterm elections.

The judge that allowed the third-party review was Judge Aileen Cannon. She wanted to ensure that Trump’s notes and unclassified material were taken from the massive pile. But the DOJ wants to keep what they took from Trump’s home secret so it can be used to fuel speculation against the man.

Trump’s lawyers are warning the DOJ that many documents contain information that falls under executive privilege and attorney-client privilege. Any attempt to read those notes violates the law and can be pursued with criminal charges.The classification of the documents is not as crucial as the secrecy of the handwritten material. No one has the right to view such material. And any attempt to do so breaks the law.The former president also announced that he issued a “standing order” that declassified all the records found at his home. But other people are claiming that they were never aware of his order.

Business Insider also reported that “In court filings, Trump’s lawyers have not echoed his declassification claims, but they have asserted that a current president has absolute authority to declassify information. On Monday, they said the government ‘has not proven’ the records with classified markings were still classified, adding that ‘this issue is to be determined later.’

Raymond Dearie is the special master appointed to the issue. He has already moved to determine how things will play out for the next several months. During that hearing, Dearie demanded to see more facts about the classification of the documents. But his request is being challenged by Trump’s lawyers. He is pushing people to reveal more of the facts found in Trump’s home.

Dearie’s request is a silent attempt to make Trump engage the Democrats on what was taken from his home. The dirty Democrats want to force a confrontation that would make Trump mount a defense of his actions. The liberals would be able to move forward with an indictment charge.

The DOJ is looking for any reason to charge Trump with violating the Espionage Act. They are determined to throw the man into prison so he cannot continue to be a positive influence on the direction that voters want the country to go.

The Republican presence in Washington is powerful, and it is enough to scare the Democrats. And Trump’s influence is still as powerful as it was when he was in the White House.

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