Secret Service Member Seized Cell Phones of People Involved in January 6 Protests

President Joe Biden thinks that he has the right to invade personal freedoms by requiring people to comply with his pointless requests. He empowered the Secret Service to take the cell phones of their agents, hoping to find any piece of information that he could use to link former President Donald Trump to the protest that took place during the certification process.

The Secret Service demands that their agents turn their phones over for inspection. The Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general is demanding to be given the phones so they can search them.

Inspector General Joseph Cuffari has revealed that he has the phones and has yet to find any information he can use. The probe launched to obtain the phone is nothing more than a last-ditch effort to find any information to brand Republicans as terrorists.

Democrats need to have a weapon to use against the conservatives they are facing in the various elections taking place around the country. Cuffari believes there are missing text messages that he needs to boost his story and give the liberals the ammunition coming into the election.

NBC News reported that “The revelation that Cuffari’s office has had access to the phones since late July or August raises new questions about the progress of his criminal investigation into the missing text messages and what, if anything, the public may be able to learn about communications between agents on Jan. 6, 2021.”

The missing text messages are of interest to the Democrats because they believe they will find the missing key they need to defeat Donald Trump. Many of the agents are upset that their phones were taken. But the agency owns the phones, and the agents cannot resist the call to take the phones.

NBC News also reported that “Earlier in July, Cuffari had alerted Congress that his office was unable to obtain text messages from agents’ cellphones that it sought as part of its investigation into the Secret Service response to the insurrection. The Secret Service has said the texts were lost as part of a previously planned systems upgrade that essentially restored the phones to factory settings.”

The liberals even tried to get an agent to claim that Donald Trump attacked her as they drove through the city. But the agent’s claims were primarily debunked by other reports that she made up her story and lied about the events. Cassidy Hutchinson tried to tell the nation that Trump was a violent man, but everything the man’s past reveals is that he keeps himself under control.

President Joe Biden would love nothing more than for something to be found on the phones. He has already looked for ways to blast away at the Republican competition. He aimed at Floridian Governor Ron DeSantis as he tried to bully the favored governor and make it seem that his choice to keep Florida open was wrong. But time has proved that it was the right choice.

The liberals are convinced they will eventually find something they can use against Trump and other Republicans. But the more the liberals drag at the January 6 investigation, the more they are proving just how desperate they are to find something they can use to battle the mighty Republicans.

Biden and his crew promote the fake story that freedom is on the line. But the truth is that the conservatives are protecting freedom from being destroyed as the Democrats pass one bill after another packed full of socialism.

Cuffari is under attack by Congress and members of his staff, claiming that he is changing the information he finds. The liberals can be presented with the truth and will still deny it is correct. They will not accept any narrative that does not fit the story they are trying to build. They will work to change the truth into a lie to build their arsenal against Donald Trump and the rest of his supporters.

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