FL Gov DeSantis Accused of Using Former Army Intel Agent To Get Illegals to Martha’s Vineyard

FL Governor Ron DeSantis is a master of finding ways to get things done. From his time as a legal advisor to the Navy SEALs to his time as a Rep. in the House of Representatives, and now as FL Governor, he has always found a way to make the right decision. His innovative way to look at a problem and find more solutions than fail points is second to none.

When looking at the illegal immigration problem going on here in the US, he saw the problems Texas has been having with their border, and with the lack of assistance coming from the White House. Former US Army combat medic and counterintelligence agent, Perla Huerta was an answer to these problems for the Governor. Her expertise from two decades of service with deployments to both Afghanistan and Iraq gave her a unique and powerful perspective of the situation on the ground.

While Texas Governor Greg Abbott has claimed that he was not involved in getting the flights out of the Great State of Texas, he knew what was going on. He is simply allowing Gov. DeSantis to take the credit here, and rightfully so. This decision not only helped keep Texas a little safer but also provided the people of Martha’s Vineyard with something they claimed they wanted.

Just like our illustrious President, the people of Martha’s Vineyard love virtue signaling. Their vote to become a sanctuary city was done with no expectation of a boat full of illegal immigrants washing up on their perfectly landscaped beach. They knew there was no way a caravan of them would make it from the Mexican border by foot, or even from Canada. It was a safe bet, and a great way for this liberal, Democrat-ran, touristy city to stand up and say they did something.

DeSantis and Huerta allowed them to step up and prove what they did. To prove that they would even make a 1/100th of the sacrifice that this due made to their country through combat deployments. While the exact source of her employment is speculated as being between Florida and Texas, all indicators are that she had been working hand in hand with DeSantis on this mission, and she did a magnificent job.

According to an interview from San Antonio Report, a 27-year-old illegal immigrant from Venezuela claimed that a lady who identified herself only as Perla gave him $200 to get people seeking asylum from the city-ran migrant center in San Antonio. This is also where the flights originated.

“Perla informed me that in those sanctuary states, the state has the benefits to help migrants. I’ve just been the mediator because I like to help people…A lot of people really come without plans, they want to come and just work, and they have a hand that’ll provide them shelter. I just saw it in that way, like a sweet way, doing it for good.”

Reportedly pamphlets about “Massachusetts Refugee Benefits” were being touted as being handed out when they deplaned in Martha’s Vineyard, but that claim has not been substantiated at this point.

Instead of being a pamphlet, they were initially welcomed as the town scrambled to get them set up in a church. Seeing the town come together as the sanctuary city they are claiming to be was a beautiful American moment. Unfortunately for these illegals, that’s all it was. A moment. The town quickly had them relocated to a military base in Cape Cod, and away from their precious properties.

Gov DeSantis did what the Secretary of Defense and others didn’t do when we left Afghanistan; he listened to the troops with the experience. He took their advice and made the mission happen successfully. Instead of being condemned for making a bold decision, he should be rewarded for his forward-thinking, and Ms. Huerta should be celebrated for her invaluable insight.

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