Stacey Abrams Sees Defeat AGAIN

If you haven’t heard, Stacey Abrams is trying to redeem herself by running for the office of Georgia’s governor again. And again, she is facing off against now-incumbent Governor Brian Kemp.

But don’t think that because she’s done this once before, it means she’s any more likely to win the race and gain her much sought-after seat.

Instead, it’s much more probable that the opposite lies in her future. And if anything says that besides the polls, it’s the fact that her foundation just lost the very last attempt to win a years-long case claiming that Georgia elections are “unfair.”

As I mentioned, this is the second time Abrams has run against Kemp for the governor’s mansion. The first time was in 2018. As is expected of her this year, she experienced defeat. But rather than conceding, admitting her loss, and moving on, she claims Kemp actually lost to her.

According to her claims, the voting system in Georgia is rigged. Against who? Well, anyone “of color.”

She says, at the time, voting laws suppressed the black communities’ vote, making it impossible for her to win, although she knew she should have. Abrams even went so far as to claim that Kemp had cheated, using his previous post as Secretary of State to discredit and cancel out Democratic votes.

Shortly after her loss (which she claims was really a win), she founded Fair Fight Action, an organization focused on making elections fairer. Within weeks of the election, the group filed its first official lawsuit. Unsurprisingly, it was against the state of Georgia and its supposed biased and racist voting system.

According to the wide-ranging federal lawsuit, a “gross mismanagement” of Georgia’s election occurred.

It has been four years since the lawsuit began, and as of Friday, all of the organization’s claims have been thrown out as untruths. A federal judge ruled on the last argument in the case, giving Abrams and her group another defeat. All of Fair Fight’s previous claims were tossed out over a year ago.

Naturally, this doesn’t exactly bode well for Abrams, who is just days away now from quite possibly losing yet another Georgia gubernatorial election. In fact, early voting is already going on, with thousands voting by mail.

If anything, it proves that she was not only wrong about the claims of unfairness but knew as much and used it to promote both her financial and political future. It is widely known that she has run for nothing else and has held no official office or title since her loss. But what she has done is use her “big lie” to write a book or two, get paid for numerous speaking events, and basically become a national symbol for supposed election fairness.

Only come to find out, it was all based on a lie…

As Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr told the Associated Press on Saturday, “This (claim) is existential to who Stacey Abrams has become as a public and political figure. She put herself in the political spotlight nationally, potentially globally, all over the narrative that she the governor’s race because of voter suppression. And here you have a federal judge saying it’s all untrue. It didn’t happen.”

This, of course, is also problematic to the claims Abrams has made about herself and her foundation being very different from similar ones made by former President Donald Trump about the 2020 election.

As you know, many have thought that the election that installed Joe Biden as our commander-in-chief was faulty, insecure, and even illegal – Trump included. But, so far, no evidence has been found to prove it, or at least none that the federal government is willing to consider.

Sound familiar?

But Abrams says her claims are different, as they are in the pursuit of giving “access” to all voters and not simply to claim power as she says Trump’s are. Wait – of the two supposedly defeated candidates, which of them has, to this day, refused to concede and admit loss? That would be Abrams, a sure sign that power is her goal after all.

Another lie is uncovered. I wonder what her claim to loss will be in a few weeks; you know she’ll make up something.

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