Tulsi Gabbard Drops Truth Bomb on Democrats, Then Quits

Put this under the “I didn’t leave the party, the party left me” category. The former Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard announced her resignation on Oct. 11 that she was leaving what she called the “elitist cabal,” a.k.a. “the Democratic Party. Gabbard’s departure serves as a timely reminder of how far Democrats have strayed away from the ideals and principles that they claimed to have stood until the beginning of the 2000s.

Fairness, tolerance, inclusiveness as well as the health of families with children as well as “the little guy,” as well as fighting the power of corporations and those wicked wealthy one-percenters. That’s what Democrats claimed to be all about. Along with an allegedly growing quantity of Americans, Gabbard knows her party – or the former one is having changed its position completely on these ideological traits.

The current Democrats have, to the point of a man (and woman) becoming intolerant of all opinions or even any fact that is contrary to their elitism. This is so much that they regularly label any person who challenges their beliefs as dangerous, extremist, and even terrorists in addition to their previous favorite, racism. Fairness and inclusion are given only to those who they believe are worthy of this treatment. The family’s security has been sacrificed in the name of expanding government.

The policies of soft-on-crime that go as far as the flagrant disregard of federal laws on immigration have affected the physical as well as financial security of the same people Democrats claim to be defending. Together with the nation’s biggest and most powerful corporations to promote a devious policy of cultural and political repression The party has joined forces with wealthy elitists Ivy League academics, and powerful corporate executives.

It is possible to think that Democratic Party has almost exactly taken over the role it maintained as the property of its Republican adversaries.

In explaining her decision in the very first part of the Tulsi Gabbard Show, which was released on YouTube The former congresswoman was able to define the current state of the political party she’s leaving in a manner that some Republican politicians are unable or not able to do. In a way that every modern conservative would be able to appreciate, Gabbard began by saying, “I love our country. The God-given rights to freedom, life, as well as liberty as enshrined by the Constitution as well as the Bill of Rights are what motivate me.”

In addition to her assertion that the Democratic Party had moved away from the principles that initially attracted her initially and towards the policies that have turned her off.

Tulsi Gabbard hasn’t joined Tulsi Gabbard has not joined the Republican Party – though what are the odds that she hasn’t already received a call or two from the top Republican politicians? With just three weeks left until the Midterm election, The former congresswoman definitely blasted Democrats at the perfect timing – or perhaps not so depending on the perspective.

While having out of Congress, Gabbard was perhaps the last remnants of a reasonable realist, rational and liberal political party, which began its long journey towards the extreme of left-wing politics only a few years back. The shift in direction was more pronounced during the Obama presidency and then accelerated after the rise of the former Republican president Donald Trump.

In the administration of Joe Biden, the party seems to have shifted completely to the left wing and the progressive fringe has become so dominant that moderate voices like those of Gabbard are not just not being accepted anymore, but are frequently rebuked.

Perhaps, her announcement signifies the transformation of the Democratic Party from a supposedly people’s-only party into an unabashed state-sponsored machine that is determined on having control for the foreseeable future regardless of the cost to the country.

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