2020 Census Gave GOP the Shaft?

We all know that mistakes happen. No matter what it is, something can and likely will go wrong. Votes are miscounted, names are forgotten, and populations are underrepresented. Now, for those like me, who are usually a bit optimistic, glass half full, and always looking for the good kind of people, we’d like to think that they are just that. Mistakes.

But upon closer inspection, I am usually forced to become quite a bit more skeptical.

Such is the case when we examine the results of the 2020 Census. The Census, as you know is taken every so often to ensure that we know just how many people reside in our states and therefore, how much representation they should have in Washington, DC., as well as how many Electoral College votes they receive and how much federal funding is given.

Suffice it to say that an accurate census is extremely important.

It’s also why a “post enumeration survey” is taken after every Census by the Census Bureau, to determine the accuracy of the taken census. Unfortunately, even if this survey finds a few states to have been miscounted, nothing is really done to remedy the situation. Basically, it’s just to find out where things went wrong and hopefully, the census bureau can take that data and use it to mitigate the same results the next go-round.

For 2020, the survey did indeed find a few states to have been miscounted; some were undercounted, and some overcounted.

But what’s really interesting about this is that all of this miscounting ended in one very similar result. The Democrats were given favor.

I know you aren’t really surprised. I’d love to say that I was, but sadly, especially given the results of the 2020 presidential election, I am most certainly not.

Now, to be clear. I’m not talking about forgetting to count a few people here and there. Instead, we are quite literally talking about thousands of people, enough so to impact the amount of representation and funding those states receive.

And, of course, blue states were given more.

So let’s get into the data, shall we?

According to the post-enumeration survey, the counts were relatively accurate in 37 US states. For the other 14, there were some rather serious problems.

Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas were all undercounted.

On the opposite end, Delaware, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Utah were all overcounted.

Looking at the states, you’ll notice a few things. One is that all of the states that were undercounted, except Illinois, are quite solidly red states at present. Similarly, all but two of the overcounted states are solidly blue, with Utah being red and Ohio landing on a more purple color.

That means that of the 14 miscounted states, Democrats were given favor in 10 of them. Republicans were favored in just two. The remaining two are neutral.

Furthermore, it is noted that for states like Texas, the undercount was so much that they lost a representative in Congress. As Texas GOP Rep Troy Nehls pointed out, nearly 2 whole percent of his state was left out.

This happened with four other GOP-led states, as well.

As for Democratic-led states, additional congressional seats, electoral college votes, and funding were given based on a massive overcount.

Some would like to say this is just a coincidence.

But is it really? I mean, how do so many states get miscounted and all in favor of just one party?

According to Nehls, it’s all part of the Democrat’s plan to keep themselves in power. and it’s exactly why, come November and a GOP majority in the House, possibly even in the Senate, Nehls is asking for and expecting an investigation into the 2020 Census results.

Of course, Census Bureau Director Robert Santos says that mistakes are always likely, and given the “unprecedented challenges” of that year, they were to be somewhat expected.

Nehls and Senior Legal Fellow at the Heritage Foundation Hans von Sparkovsky aren’t so sure, at least not when the results end up like this.

What do you think? Did the Dems fiddle with these counts too?

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