Shock Swiss Study Shows All COVID Vaccine Recipients Have Some Heart Damage

A shocking study led by one of the leading cardiologists in the world has found that every single person who gets a COVID booster shot has elevated markers of heart disease three days after injection. Professor Christian Müller, MD is one of the most highly respected cardiology researchers worldwide and has published hundreds of clinical papers on heart disease and injury.

In the latest study just published, Dr. Müller found that out of 777 patients who received the first booster shot (the third shot in COVID shot rollercoaster, for those keeping track), all 777 had early markers of heart damage in their bloodstream three days after being boosted. You’d think the CDC here in America would look at data like that and consider it a safety signal of some type.

Müller’s team at University Hospital Basel in Switzerland tracked troponin levels in booster mRNA shot recipients three days after receiving the shot. 777 people completed the trial.

Troponin is a protein that only exists in heart muscle. If a blood sample is tested and troponin is found in the bloodstream, it means only one thing: your heart muscle was damaged somehow and is leaking troponin into the blood. As heart damage worsens, higher levels of troponin end up in the bloodstream. Troponin doesn’t exist naturally in the bloodstream. Period. If it shows up there, it means you have sustained some type of heart damage.

One weakness of this study is that Müller’s team didn’t check troponin levels at baseline (before booster shots were administered). They also didn’t check the shot recipients on Day One or Day Two. They only checked troponin levels on Day Three. What they found was nothing short of astonishing. All 777 patients had levels of troponin that were trailing off in the bloodstream. Since this was happening on Day Three, it means that the heart damage could have actually been worse on Day One or Day Two. We won’t know until further studies are done.

Another alarming thing that Müller’s research found was the 3.7% of women developed sub-clinical myocarditis, and 0.8% of men. Human hearts don’t grow back dead muscle cells once full-blown clinical myocarditis happens, so many booster shot recipients are likely going to be dealing with heart medications and a reduced quality of life from now on. Once heart muscle is dead, it’s dead.

That finding almost exactly matches the myocarditis numbers found in the Thailand study that was released last summer. In that study, 3.5% of boys between 12 and 17 developed sub-clinical myocarditis after receiving the first two shots. That’s a rate of about 1 in 28.

Most people would never get a single COVID shot if they knew the risks of heart damage up front. But since we have no informed consent in this country any longer, and because these experimental medicines were rushed to market while calling them a “vaccine,” millions if not billions of people have taken them. And if Müller’s research is correct, it means that every single person worldwide who received a booster shot now has some level of damaged heart muscle.

People in other countries aren’t putting up with this. Denmark, the UK and even the vaccine fanatical Australia have now banned the shots for certain age groups. Here in the US, the only public medical official who has recommended against the shots in any way is the Surgeon General of Florida. He now recommends against any COVID vaccinations for men aged 39 and under.

Meanwhile, the CDC just voted to put the COVID shots on the childhood vaccination schedule here in the US. Maybe someone should tell the CDC that 100% of people receiving the booster shot now have heart damage.

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