Iran Caught Planning Attacks on US Troops and Saudi Arabia

Despite being at odds with President Biden, Saudi Arabia is still exchanging intel with the US, and this time it’s a doozy. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the Saudis informed the US that Iran has plans to strike targets in Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Officials from both countries confirmed to the Journal their concern over the coming strikes.

Per Saudi officials, the attacks are to be spread out in Saudi Arabia, but more importantly to US officials are the plans to attack Iraq. Erbil, Iraq is one of the few remaining areas with US troops left on a peacekeeping and advising mission. Iranians have previously attacked the base with missiles, and another subsequent attack has the potential to be especially lethal.

In both cases, these potential attacks are suspected to be a diversion from the problems with civilian unrest in Iran. With the uprising from their citizens, the Islamic leadership is facing strong opposition to their continuance in power over the country.

Pentagon press secretary Air Force Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder discussed their concerns on November 1st in a press conference. Given “the threat situation in the region” they are “in regular contact” with the Saudis. “We will reserve the right to protect and defend ourselves no matter where our forces are serving, whether in Iraq or elsewhere.” While Ryder failed to follow up and clarify any specific threats, the message was rather clear.

Iran has warned Saudi Arabia about covering the uprising on Farsi news stations and has issued warnings to Israel, and the US as well as the Saudis. They believe that nobody belongs covering the problems in Iran and making the globe aware of their problems. Never mind the criminal murder and mistreatment of the people for decades.

Threats from Iran are nothing new for the Saudis, the US, or anyone in the middle east, or even those who only have assets there. The Islamic regime believes they have a right to the region, and that their way of doing things is the best for the people. With the recent uprisings, they are slowly figuring out that the people of Iran are fed up with the regime and want freedom of choice.

Citizens in Iran have been firmly under lock and key since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Before that, the people of Iran had freedoms and liberties very similar to what is seen in western countries. These days they are on the opposite side, and younger Iranians are being more exposed to western culture as well. This has emboldened many of the younger generations and gotten them to stand up for freedom.

It wasn’t until Mahsa Amini was arrested and subsequently killed on 16 September for wearing her hijab wrong and wearing skinny jeans. She was beaten and had her head smashed multiple times. While Iranian officials claim she died from underlying causes, the bruising on her head and body told a vastly different story.

This senseless killing was just another one in a lengthy list of murders that have occurred in Iran, many of them are considered “honor killings” and necessary for Islam. Needless to say, Amini’s death struck a real chord with the younger generation who have begun to embrace skinny jeans and different hijab versions as Amini did. So hearing of the murder of one of their own set a fire under the younger generation. Since then, the Iranian guard has been trying to snuff it out.

Planning attacks on Saudi Arabia and Iraq won’t help Iran in any way shape or form. It won’t distract from coverage of the uprising against the Islamic iron fist of Iran.

Maj. Gen. Hossein Salami claimed “This is our last warning because you are interfering in our internal affairs through these media. You are involved in this matter and know that you are vulnerable.” No, Salami, it is you who are vulnerable.

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